Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's about time...

I kept telling myself, tomorrow I'll get on blogger and post something. Maybe tomorrow I'll have ten minutes and I can catch everybody up. Tomorrow will be the day, that special day, when my life will magically disappear (I'll be a ghost) and I can do everything I dream of all at once {and maybe I can actually sleep!}.

Tomorrow, obviously, never came.

So here we are. Two months later {really I *thought* I had posted something in February...}.
But I've had several friend discuss blogging in the last few days and it gave me the blogger itch, so here it is, a much belated {and very lame} post...
Sometimes, it's so easy to get caught up in things. To find all your strength sapped away by life. Ha! What strength? I think I'm just beginning to find that out. That I have no strength... I have always felt like I had to be the strong one. For my younger siblings. For different friends drowning in grief. I never gave myself time to cry. Never allowed the fear to creep in. Told myself to be brave and face life no matter what it threw at me.
Yeah, so I've been learning it's ok to not be strong. To let other people handle it - or more importantly, God.
This is short. Not so sweet. But it's a start. Plus I have a million posts I have written in my drafts box that I'm going to start going through and finishing. Several are about my writing {ooh, that'll be exciting}!
So, have a good night and all that, and hopefully I'll be back more often!
(Hey, this is Caitria's sister Brisa. I'm 16...of course I don't act it...more like 13 or so...anyways, my friends call me Brisco, Janie, Birdie, Bert, Bob, Bruce, Lame Jane, BJ or anything else they feel like calling me. I'm not picky and generally they just call me a name based upon my mood.-I'm really moody-. So to start out I'm going to tell you about myself. Like I told you, I'm 16 and I'm Caitria's sister. I have short brown hair that looks like something between a 7 year old with scissors and a bed head. I'm about 5ft 5in...or depending on your ruler. I'm amazing at singing off tune when the guy I like is near and I can trip up the stairs like no one else. I rock at 52 card pick up. Seriously, I'm the best. I should be given a trophy. Anyways, so I'll stop with the boasting (I could seriously see you all turning green with envy). I sing in a choir and hang around my friends acting as grumpy and moody/depressed as possible to see which ones laugh and which ones try to help. I love to play volleyball, football, soccer, volleyball, foursquare, oh, and volleyball. I like to watch soccer and volleyball. Oh, did I mention that I like volleyball? Well, I do. So I don't know why I'm writing this, I think it's cause I'm tired and really stressed out about tomorrow. I type out dorky things and eat a lot when I'm stressed.-I used to be skinny. So I want you all to know that Caitria is an AMAZING older sister. She let's me do pretty much anything, from having folders and files on her computer, pinning things on her Pinterest to letting me spend the night in her room (or spending the night in mine) and letting me borrow clothes and taking me places and making me fat with all the treats she buys me. Seriously, you all should be jealous. Really. *Nods enthusiastically and then holds aching head*. Anyways, it's really fun to be me. Except when you have a theory test. Seriously, I could use some help with that. I have taken the stuff so much you'd think it'd be ingrained in my head, but I still struggle to tell you anything about it. :( Moving on...cause I'm just choking up right  now. Not. Ok. Ok. a;fhjasop;ifjd......that's how I feel most of the time. you can relate. So I'm just going to say that I'm just a regular Lame Jane...And I don't have anything fun to say. If you actually read this entire thing...I'm sorry, I'll try to get you some sanity treatment soon. (Whatever that is, I need to look into it for myself too. Maybe we can go together!) I'll talk to you later. (Actually, I just lied, I'll probably never talk to you. You're prolly glad.) Anyways, have fun with Caitria  and I hope you don't die today so you can have a good night sleep and forget this ever happened. Wait, what happened? Nevermind. Bye people, it was nice not knowing you.)
So I don't think she expected I would really post that. She wrote it for me more than you. But, I just have to brag for a moment. This girl is awesome. Seriously {you just read that, right?}. She is hilarious, witty, adorable....just about everything you could ask for. So, here's to my lil' sis! I love YOU, BJ....  <3 <3


  1. CAITRIA'S BACK!!!! And I conpletely apologize if I spelled that wrong! It looks weird, but everything does in caps lock. Anyway, glad to see you're back!:) I've missed your posts!

    Hi, Brisa! (Make sure she reads this, Caitria) I'm Jordan, one of Caitria's regular readers:P I really wish I had an older sister! But I don't, so my best friends (who are all two years older) get to be my big sisters;P I can't complain. They're all pretty awesome. Most of the time;P

    1. Aww, I feel loved!! YOU SPELLED IT RIGHT!! But, yes, everything *does* look so strange in caps! Thanks dear, I have missed blogging... It's good to be back...

      I will!! She is in bed now. But I will show her tomorrow. And make her respond. :D {We are, btw. Very awesome. ;) jk}

  2. I was thinking about you the other day...wondering if you were still around : )

    1. Aw! I really feel loved now! You always wonder if people think about you at! I am! Still alive {so far} and ready to be back! <3

  3. I'm totally going to start calling her Lame Jane now.

  4. Master Brisa....Feefee likes you. :)
    Totally read that all in your voice. Twas great.

    1. Haha! Isn't that the best, though! I always read everything my friends post in their voices and it always makes everything so much funnier!


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