The Girl Inside

Dream big. Close your eyes and listen. Stretch your hands to the sky. Thank God for sunshine.

Between running my business, working a job, and spending oodles of time with my flavorful friends, I spend 100% of my not-so-free time writing things down...on scraps of paper littered in my room, dashed on colored stickynotes, on the computer, scribbled over old receipts, and scrawled into ledger lines meant not to be crossed.
I love possibilities. Big is better. I am different. I don't always write what is easy, but what is important. I am passionate about life and I am happy. Everything  I see is an opportunity. I am sometimes hopelessly silly. I live life like it's extraordinary. I get lost in big books and walk around with a  dreamy smile on my face. Words are my inexhaustible source of magic. I love to discover new adventures. I like nice people who do nice things. I am not afraid of change.
I believe...

Life is all about perspective. I want to live mine seeking the good. I want to inspire.
Be a voice, not an echo. Be funny. Try to stand out. Live happy. Let things amaze me. Do my own thinking. Smile. Don't be boring. Have no fear. Learn and never quit. Thank God. Be strong. Delight in everything. Have courage. Love

You know, God has it all in control anyway. He died for us. Why would He leave us to flounder after giving his greatest sacrifice?

I am not perfect and this blog shows that well. I am not brilliant, but there is nothing that says I have to be. I am not a hater. You won't find any crudeness, rude comments, or cynicism here.

I don't have all the answers and I have not yet figured out this wonderful life of mine.

Board the adventure boat with me. You won't have to apologize for being you around here.

I also blog at Stories in the Mind {where I record my writing journey, snippets from my novels, and host monthly giveaways}. NOTICE: Stories in the Mind is indefinitely closed down. I will let everyone know when I begin posting in it again!




  1. I'm terribly delighted you have curly hair. I know, that sounds odd, but I have curly hair, too. And seeing your family just made me smile.

  2. Keep doing what you're doing!

    A Writer's Nakama

  3. Hi there! I wasn't sure which blog to follow you in. would you like me to follow you here? Thank you for posting a comment over at my blog and for the follow. I'm happy you enjoyed my post and my blog!

    Your blog looks pretty creative! You mentioned you have a business? What is it? Wow and you work? that's a lot!

    Have a great day too and God bless! :D


I'm sincerely wondering if you are going to comment. Given you just read that blog post (or maybe skim read, at best, or maybe you've just skipped to the bottom). But, either way, whether you read it or not, NOW you have no doubt that I am crazy, are wondering if I am worthy of your time, and if it even matters that you say something. BUT, it does!!! Drop me a line! Can't tell you I will always respond coherently, but I WILL respond! And the comments... Well, they rather make my days. <3