Thursday, November 29, 2012

In which I return to say goodbye...

Before going any further....let me apologize for having been neglect the last few weeks. It is not entirely my fault. We've had little or no internet for the last week, but I still don't like leaving you all in the dark. So, please accept my plea for forgiveness. :)

My last few weeks have been busy, exciting, and full of fun and laughter. I wont walk through them, but just say that I enjoyed them very much. Spending time with some of my favorite people in the world constitues and a GREAT day, and I had several of them.

I have some lovely pics I have taken to share with you all though!!

Taken just before the weather froze on our road...

The first frost.
This is my kitty Butter. He loves us so much he sits in the window and watches us live life. He's sooooooooo cute!!!

The pink sunset coming home from town on Tuesday!

Random shot from Tuesday too.
And some drawings I've done in the last couple months!!!!!!!



And here are some pics of my growing pups!!!
When Silver graduated puppy class.....

When Tizona graduated puppy class (last night....)
(And that's my friend Tamara with her little puppy Darby beside me!)

So, there is that, and now I am off to try and catch up on everyone's blogs becasue of my internet crisis!!!!!!!!

Also, some news.

For the month of December, this blog is going to rest carefully on the shelf so I can concentrate on getting my books done and working on my other blog, Stories in the Mind (link at the top of the page). I will be back in the new year!!!!!! I will *hopefully* still hold the Be Yourself linkup becasue I just copy and paste the same words, but we'll see.


Have fun everyone!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be Yourself linkup

It is time for the second Be Yourself linkup!!

The linkup is a chance for you to showcase your favorite blog post of the week, whether it be a rambling post of nothing at all, a commentary on the weather, a special memory you'd like to share, or a review on a movie or book. Whatever it is, bring it on over! We'd love to have you.
The only two rules I have are: keep it family friendly and please grab the linkup button to let people know you are linking up!
The linkup will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Feel free to add at least one link per blog (if you have more than one), but please only share one post of each blog that you have.
Enjoy Being Yourself!!!!!

Laughter is honey for the soul


Be forewarned: this is a rambling post of some length....

This weekend was about as busy as a weekend can get....

Friday began as an average Friday does. In the wee hours of the morning, dragging myself out of a warm bed, to get dressed and ready to spend the day at choir and orchastra, where I am now a teacher instead of a student. (Pretend that wasn't a fragment sentence, please.)

Thadden and I drove a different car in the hopes that we would bowl that evening, so we got to leave earlier than everyone else, which is nice. We got there much earlier than normal.

I hung out with friends all day and was in a rather hyper mood. I found out a VERY dear friend of mine is going to Kenya for two weeks in late December for a missions trip!!!!! And that Noni had to go home early, so I didn't get to see her..... :(

We did go bowling....but I ended up being the only girl (good thing I LIKE my brother and his friends...) All my gal friends either had to go home and bake delicious pies for the families, go to work, were too tired to come, or went to their sister-in-laws homes. (NOT that I'm mentioning anyone specific. ;) That is one of those moments when I'm glad I'm not an awkward girl or boy-crazy. Cause in either case, one or the other of us all would have been up a creek. Without an canoe. BLAH.

So, anway, bowling was a fail. I am NOT a good bowler (is that a word), even though I like it. Guess I better stick to the sports where the ball bounces.... But I still had fun, cause getting a good score is not what counts, and I had fun laughing at how I got a strike one bowl and a gutter ball the next.... (I did. Three times.)


Saturday rolled around with typical work in the morning. Then my sisters and I helped Daddy get wood.

Unfortunately, it was wood that someone had already tried to burn.
Ahem, unfortunately for us, that is....


Did I ever mention that ash does something to your mind?

Oh, I didn't. Well, now you know.

And just because I HAVE to point it out....that is my bookshelf there behind us in the first picture... :D
I screwed up my neck though, because I alone hauled at least thirty logs that weigh more than I do.... that's what comes of having a brother who works all day.
So anyway, it was a happy moment when I got to take a nice, scalding hot shower.
Sunday started out warm. Wonderfully warm. Church was incredible and convicting. The paster reminded me of things I had been holding back in my life and I gave them to Jesus. Always a wonderful feeling, that. Blessed relief and glorious bliss!!!!! (Sorry, I just had to say that. I'm not even sure why...)
Then I am helping direct the Christmass paegent at our church. We have about fifteen kids ~ over half of whom are under 6. Let's just say..........we have a long way to go.
But some of them did surprisingly well!!! There is a 5-year-old that delivered his line better than almost all of the others. He is a cutie too!!!!!! I love little kids. A lot.
That was an understatement, fyi.
Thadden and I left church and went to friend's house. THEN came the greatest part of my weekend.

Tons and tons of people! Volley ball. Word games. Soups and conversations. Making new friends. Catch Phrase. Hot apple cider. Fall air and crisp breezes. Good friends made better.

Wow. It was amazing. I think I laughed all night long. There was probably around 80 people there. I think I knew about 20 of them. And it was awesome.

I have at least two new friends. And an old friend of mine (he helped us move into our house when we came to Missouri from Oregon when I was only 13) became good friends with me again. (We haven't seen each other in over a year...)

I like being with people. Especially fun people who make it easy to be around them and get your jokes and laugh at your goofiness... People who don't laugh are never easy to be around. But I manage. It is so interesting seeing the contrast in people. There are some who are sooooooooo quiet. And then there are others who are NEVER quiet. (I'm afraid I tend to drift toward the latter...)

But even being talkative myself, it is easier to be around people who like to talk back and laugh and share jokes than making them all myself and being the only one who speaks. So, that night was just pure bliss.

We had lots of fun coming home, Thadden and I, too, because we sang all the way (almost an hour of driving) and we did all sorts of funny things: random harmony, silly voices, and crazy throw-ins, which are always fun. We recorded it and then transformed it into crazy voices on our iphones. Oh, the laughter we got out of that. It went on and on. And we sang for real too...loverly.

Monday night our family started what is beginning to be a tradition by watching the first section of the extended edition of Lord of the Rings. I CANNOT wait for The Hobbit to come out. I am going opening night if I can help it, with a ton of friends "for my birthday", which is 4 days after it comes out.

Well, I had better wrap this up before it is a novel in itself. Except it has no point or moral, except, perhaps, enjoy life to it's fullest measure.

I'm looking forward to this week too. Thanksgiving is, of course, Thursday, for all of are we? United States residents.... (it really is awful not having a "name" to call yourselves. American doesn't cut it for me, because I am half Canadian, and they DO NOT celebrate Thanksgiving the same way, and Mexicans are American, and they DO NOT celebrate it at all!!!!!! SO, I wish there was such a thing as United Statians....or something, that I can call us.)

Well, anyhow, forgiving my ranting. That will be Thursday. Then Friday ~ BLACK Friday ~ (which has nothing to do with pirates, in case anyone was confused) we are going with a BUNCH of friends all around town to check out all the stores and sales. I'm super excited cause it will be my first time (since last year I was stuck in the National Forest with my Daddy reading a rather boring book all day. Oh wait, I didn't say that ~ no books are boring. Reading a rather dry book all day. Phew, better. Needless to say, I wasn't there.).

And I AM finishing now, really and truly.

How is your family celebrating the holiday (be you living in the US...)? What kinds of plans do you have? Are you going out for Black Friday?


Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Middle Earth Character and another SOC


So Ivy over at Revealed In Time posted this and I had to take the quiz. I am not at all surprised at what I turned out to be. I rather knew it was going to happen. But it was still fun taking it!!! So, without further rambling by me:
You are most like an: Elf

You have an affinity for nature and the arts, like an elf.  Your tastes are refined; you're more elegant than most, and you're discriminating about who you affiliate with.  Some say you're stuck up, but you're not ashamed that you take such good care of yourself and your family – who wouldn't want to flaunt all this?

You have an affinity for nature and the arts, like an elf. Your tastes are refined; you're more elegant than most, and you're discriminating about who you affiliate with. Some say you're stuck up, but you're not ashamed that you take such good care of yourself and your family – who wouldn't want to flaunt all this?

Flaunt! LOL, my foot. As for the other pluses...well, I'll claim none of them, but you are welcome to be the judge, lol!

It is true, I am careful about who I befriend, but I LOVE meeting new people and getting to know them. So perhaps I am a little bit different there. New people are one of my passions.

Which leads nicely (well, deliberately) into the SOC this week.

The prompt for this week is: your passion

Ready? GO!

I can't really make up my mind about what I want to stream about, so I am just going to do it about life!!! I LOVE my life, through and through. It is incredible. From awesome friends, to great books, to SEVERAL long novel's in progress (that should have been hyphenated, but I'm not allowed to go back and fix it.... :P). I have an aweseom family too, and a great relationship with God.

Life is something you can't take half-heartedly. You can't pretend it isn't there. You have to look it in the eyes and laugh at it's past. I love life. I really do! I know I'm repeating myself. That just goes to show how much I love it.

Something I love about life is music. It is a huge passion of mine. Listening to it. Creating it. It is a part of me, irremovable (a word that does not really exist).

And then there is people. Oh ho, people! Like I said above, I like meeting new people. I'm not afraid of them. I don't go bursting into peoples lives, demanding they let me into their innermost hearts, but I like to get to know them and find out what their passions are.

Also, of course, sports. Tons and tons of sports. I could play them till I drop. Actually, I have. I'm going to be playing some all day tomorrow (after church! Hurrah). It's going to be amazing. I'm also spending the day with friends.... can't get better, you know.

There's my family, too. God blessed me with an incredible family. I could ramble on about them till the cows come home (which is actually not very long cuase our cows come on call). They are so funny, and so precious. (NOT said like Gollom.)

And Jesus. He is my life. He is my passion. He is my heart and soul and EVERYTHING. The end. I can't tell you how mych my life is determined by him, how much is made up of him and how much I love him. I can't even try. (You'll have to use your imagination. Get out your thinker now.)

I love being hyper. I control myself most of the time. REally a lot. Even though inside of me is jumping like a silly school girl. Which I am not anymore. Craziness is my middle name. I don't let people know that though. So I can keep pretending I'm normal (which gets tiring. Just saying.)

And I am almost out of time and my fingers are going numb..... I hate stopping in the middle like this. I haven't even touched half of my passion.

Writing. Horses. My puppies, Silver and Tizona (who are both WONDERFUL, in case anyone wanted to know), books, hot, hot, HOT water, summer, a few certian people who I better keep anonymous if I want to not be embarrassed or embarrass them...., quotes, a good day of work (cause teh feeling afterwords is fantabulous!!!), and, oh, oh, so much more!!!!!

And.... I'm done. :P Blah (Cait, change it to TEN minutes....)


Want to join in this awesome fun? Here's how...

There are just 5 steps....

1. Set your timer and write for 5 minutes.
2. Publish! (No editing ~ thus my horrible spelling and grammer.... :P ~ This is rough, unrefined writing.)
3. Grab the SOC button. You can get it here on my blog or at Notebook Sisters.
4. Sign in with the LinkUP on Sundays at the blog above.

Oh..... It said 5 steps. But there are only 4? Wait, help me here, Cait. I'm confused (and how did I never catch that before?)

So, anyhow, that was my stream and my Middle Earth character and I hope you all enjoyed cause both were fun and you should definitely check out both blogs and say hello.

And goodnight to you all.... :D



Monday, November 12, 2012

Belated drawing....

So this was supposed to go up Saturday, but my camera was lost and Sunday I never post anything cause I am busy with friend and church and so it didn't go up.

My apologies.

So here it is. This is linking up with "Cat" over at The World Crafter.

She did a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a gunslinger!

There was just the man in the picture, but I hate leaving things all by themselves and lonely, so I plunked him into a cool South Dakota landscape!!!

And there you have it!!!

I'm spending the day with one of my best friends today! We are going to hang out, get coffee, and just have a splendid time!!!

Hope you all have a great day too!! :D


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a new linkup!!!!

I've decided to host a linkup here on My Unicorn Has Wings.

I'm doing one at Stories in the Mind for fellow writers to post snippets of their books to tantalize and intrigue their readers, but I want to be more than that. I want one for all my friends to participate in, not just my writer friends.

So this linkup is being called the Being Yourself linkup. It is for you to showcase your favorite blog post of the week, be it on the weather, an exciting movie, what you did last night, or where you're going next month. This is for you to meet other bloggers, display your blog, and just be yourself. Don't feel like you have to make up some brilliant post. Don't be afraid to linkup whatever, be it so totally random and irrelevant that even you have trouble figuring it out (or am I the only one with that trouble? :D)

I am going to keep the linkup open for two days. It will begin on Tuesdays. Even I am going to linkup from my other blog sometimes, just for fun. All day Tuesday and all day Wednesday it will be open. Just linkup anything from your past week, or even month if you want, and just have fun!!!!

I only ask that you grab the linkup button below and share it with your post!

Enjoy being yourself!!!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family is best!

It is time for an SOC linkup Sunday! I haven't done one in a very long time (and I feel super-uber bad that I haven't cause I want to). And, guess what, since it's already Sunday for Cait and Mime in Aussie, I get to post it today and not have to worry about it tomorrow (Sunday's are always bad blogging days for me...)

This week, the one-word optional prompt is: family

Now who could resist a prompt like that when they have such an awesome family themselves???? Not me. So here's a go!

The Stream:

My family is everything to me. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, where I've been, or what we're doing. They are the best. Right now, they are giving me a "leave of absence" from family duties (namely, chores, etc) because I am sick. And that right there is proof of how awesome they are. I can't explain my family. They are quirky (sometime hilariously so - no, most times hilariously so). And they have some of the wackiest strangest ideas.

Like spending the afternoon perched on top of the chicken coop staring at the sky and laughing our tongues out.

Or snuggling up in a huge comforter and writing massive word counts about dangerous journeys and sarcastic knights and bitter Britons, just for the fun of being with their bee-in-the-hive sister.

Or going late into the night watching goofy movies and sharing snacks.

You know, just, being a family. Those things that can never be replaced. Never be forgotten. Never be ignored.

Family is something special. Something important. I am so grateful to be a part of my family, with my sisters, my brothers, my Mummy, and my Daddy.

They are the best things in my life right now.

Five Minutes: STOP

Want to join the Streams of Consciousness? Here are the five simple steps!

1. Set your timer and write for 5 minutes.
2. Publish! (No editing. This is rough, unrefined writing.)
3. Grab the SOC button.
4. Sign in with our LinkUP on Sundays at Notebook Sisters.
5. Stop by the other blogs and say hay!

Have fun, ya'll!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I suppose it's late.

But better late than never.

Especially if we are talking about The Avengers.

Yes, for the first time, I watched The Avengers.


Movies are super neat. They impact you, make things that would be utterly impossible come to life before your eyes, and change your world. But they have to have the story, the heart, and the script to do that.

The Avengers does.

Some of the lines in it just break my heart.

And that's just what they're supposed to do.

All in all, I was just super happy to  have seen this movie. It kind of made my life at the moment, even though I'm dog sick (which I never am. BLAH!)

Here are some awesome pictures for you Avengers fans to all drool over.


I like Thor. He has some of the funniest lines. And his face, oh his face. When the pain washes over it, you just break, pure and simple. Emotion is a live wire running all over it.


Iron self-centered. But who's not. And in the end, he makes the right choice. So I guess I'll forgive him, even if I won't condone him. (My apologies to Iron Man fans. :D)

The darkness to the Black Widow is so well done, it is truly a part of her, something none of the other characters have. I wish I could see Hawkeye now and know the rest of her story.

This guy's just awesome. Cause he shoots a bow. And gets his mind infected by Loki. And that makes me sad.

Here's the Hulk. He makes me sad too. The look he gives right before he goes totally into monster for the first time breaks you to the bones.

Now I am looking forward to one day seeing the rest of the movies, both coming in the future and made in the past.

In other news:

I decided it was time for some changes around here. Well, mostly. I'm going to change the title of my blog. I LOVE this title. But it is not right. Not here. That is a name I am going to use somewhere else, for something else.
So, let me welcome you to:
My Unicorn Has Wings

Pinned Image


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I got awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Treskie and Mime! Thank you girls!! This will be so much fun!

1. You must post eleven random facts about yourself.

2. You must also answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in turn.

3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers.

4. Notify them that you've awarded them.

5. No tagging back.

6. The eleven blogs you tag must have less than 200 followers.
Ok, so, 11 random facts about me:
1. I have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Which I know will never happen, but hey, it's worth a shot.
2. People can't scare me. No matter how hard they try, jumping out of dark shadows, jerking random objects in my face, shouting from behind... nah, it won't happen. I've grown up with 4 younger siblings.
3. I. HATE . SEAFOOD. That is all.
4. My favorite color has been purple as long as I can remember. But not just...purple. My FAVORITE color of purple is a light lilac or lavender. And my second favorite color of purple is a really deep royal purple.
5. I really like to dress up.
6. I don't like nondescript sentences.
7.  TERROR FROM THE SKIES, you've all been tricked. I am an alien. No, really. Because I am a Canadian citizen living in USA, by default, I am an alien. My Daddy's got a piece of paper, all official and all, that says..... Resident Alien. Be warned. This is not a joke.
8. My imagination doesn't listen to me and jumps into more trouble than its supposed to, especially when I'm trying to be good.
9. One of the only things that irritates me is irritated people. Other than that, I'm good. (Well, not really good. Actually, I'm quite bad. But you guys don't want to know about that, so really...)
10. When I was a child, I was a devil. I plotted conspiracies  and carried them out in full force while my unsuspecting mother was in the shower.
11. This is the last random fact.
Here are the 11 questions by Mime.

1. If the floor randomly gave way beneath you, would you scream?
As I said before, I don't really get scared by many things. I would probably have this odd question lingering in my mind as I fell about where I was going and if it would take me to Wonderland. (I really wish it would...)
2. Why are people obsessed with randomness?
Because random is random and randomly awesome and nobody ever said random was strange so random is why random is liked.
3. Are you an arty person, or academic?
Hmmmm.... both? Really, I prefer artsy, but according to my finished GPA....I'm academic too. :P
4. If your friends jumped off a cliff, would your first instinct be "Hey, look! That's my friend!" Or "Hey, look! That's my friend!" (You can differentiate for yourself.)
"Hey, look!" Screaming, pointing wildly and waving my arms to all bystanders who might care to pay attention. "That's my friend!" And I'm so excited, I want to join her, and she is awesome. (I should clarify, I picture the sea at the bottom of this cliff... so, yeah, jumping would just be pure bliss.)
4. Would you prefer to be short of tall?
SHORT!!! Oh, wait, I kinda already am!!
I'm not a midget, don't get me wrong, but on the taller side of things, all of my friends are taller than me. And I don't mind! As far as short goes, I think it would be fun to be a halfling, don't you!! (Actually, I really am. My mother's maiden name was Ling... So, that makes me a half Ling. :D I'm just a little happy about that.)
5. Have you ever experienced hail?
YES! More in Oregon than here in Missouri. We had hail quite often there. If it was tiny, we'd go outside and play in it as little kids. It was fun pretending it was diamonds falling from the sky.
6. What is the strangest thing you've ever done? (Includes instances of fighting a horse with a frying pan.)
What makes one thing stranger than another? Because in my life...
Never mind, next question.
7. Do fish have feelings?
You bet. I used to own a tank of them, and if I didn't feed them... they gave me "the look". (Which was turn, face the room, wiggle their tails back and forth, and blink big huge eyes at me that said, "Feed me.")
8. When was the last time you surprised someone?
Yesterday. I got Brisa coming out of the wash room. Oh ho, she is fun to scare!!!!
9. What was the last good book you read?
Eragon. Technically, I'm still in the middle of it, but you know, that counts.
10. If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you spend it on first? (Be honest.)
Practical me or crazy me? Practical me or crazy me?
Practical me would pay off my braces and business. Flat and done. Crazy me would go travel the world.
11. If the internet had a global breakdown, how severe would your mental breakdown be?
No. Because my bookshelf is still full of books and the world didn't end and I can still write with a pencil.

Here are the 11 questions by Treskie.

1.) Who's you're favorite musician and why? (Does not include singers this time.)
Pick one? Can't do it. But I like almost any composer of really good soundtracks.
2.) Do you think the Beatles overrated?
I guess. Never really heard any of their songs.
3.) Did you ever want to be a Ginger?
Nope. I like my hair. It's curlifically awesome.
4.) QUICK! PICK A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND TEN! Now, why did you chose that
one? Why!? WHY?!?
7. Because I always do. And it always works for me. Don't ask me why.
5.) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A lot. Because, thinking of the speed and twistiness of that saying, this would be a speed-eater-wood-chucking-woodchuck. So, a lot.
6.) Who started the American Navy?
Let me get out my history notes.... Continental Congress. So there.
7.) What's your favorite music genre?
Brisa calls it mournful. I call it peaceful. Anything in a minor key. Period.
8.) Have you ever played baseball? (even in the backyard with friends works.)
I've played it on a team. I think I was 11... and it was just a team of friends... but still, we played.
9.) What are your top five favorite books? (because I know that I can never chose just one)
The Bible.
Mara, Daughter of the Nile.
Courage is Not Given.
Beric the Briton, 'cause it inspired me to start my trilogy.
The Bronze Bow.
10.) What is your favorite accent?
Don't shoot me. I don't have one. Unlike most Americans, I'm not too super obsessed with accents. Maybe its cause I have a bit of one myself. Or maybe its cause...I have no idea why. But that's the fact and the true blue truth.
11.) Do you know the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Most certainly do. Most certainly do.
And now for my 11 questions.
1. Do you like to wear shoes?
2. Hot or cold?
3. What is your favorite place to be and why?
4. If you had to live in another world, which one would you choose?
5. How do you decorate your room? With sprigs of lavender? Posters of movie stars (I sincerely hope not)? Photos of you and your family?
6. It's a fun, fun life. What is one of the most enjoyable things you get to do with your week?
7. Truly speaking, are you a sarcastic person or a realistic person?
8. Singing in the rain or dancing under the stars?
9. What is your favorite fruit?
10. Rich OR famous?
11. Where do you draw the line?

Ok. And we are done!!
Oh, wait, not quite. I have one more blog award to fulfill.
This one is more simple. It is the Very Inspiring Award (isn't it pretty!!). The rules are as follows.
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Place the award on your site
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.

So, without further ado, thank you Miss Charley from The Leaning Tower of Plot!!!
Oh dear, another 7 random facts. Deep breath. Now the plunge...
Here we go.
1. I want to know who started blog awards and why.
2. I've always dreamed of waking up in a different world.
3. I really, really, really like mint ice tea. It talks to my soul.
4. I'd take too hot over too cold ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. Brrrrrrrr.
5. I am really, super sportsy and most girls think I'm crazy. I'd rather go play soccer or volley ball than talk about cloths and hair. (Just ask my dear friends.)
6. Writing is SOOOOOO much fun. Oh, wait, that's not a random fact... Well, phewey. How about...if I don't write a few thousand words a day, its been a BAD day.
7. It's my last fact!!! It's my last fact!!! :( Pinterest is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration. I did a post about it here.
Done, ditty, done!
There now, my mind is refreshed, and alive, and hyped to get to work for this fabulous day!!!
Here are some pictures to make you smile.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
And now, since almost ALL of my friends were already tagged for one or the other of these awards, I am going to do what Charley did and tag ALL of my followers. Feel free to do it again and answer my questions (please do?). And if you have not been tagged for them before, then TAG, you're it. Cause now you are. Have fun!!!
Good day, my darlings!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flavor of Life

Time drills a heavy hand on the foundation of life. I sometimes yearn for a moment to stop, to wait, to pause, so that I can enjoy it more.

Things whirl around me in a tunnel of exhilaration. Welcome to the sparkle of my existence. Laughter. Love. Dreams. Inspiration. Life. Hope. Change.

I love my life.

It takes off at the most random moments. It twirls round and slaps me in the face. It reminds me how imperfect I am. It shows me the genuine friends and true laughter I am given. It sifts out flaws and blemishes and shows me where in the fix-it-yourself-manual (the Bible, you know. Hmmm, not quite its a fix-it-yourself-manual) I can find the comfort and aid I need.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

There are only a few things I can honestly say get me down in life. I like being happy. I like smiling.

But there are times when I smile and laugh and look around and can't see the authenticity of friendship smiling back at me. The face is plaster and its stiff-lipped grin hurts.

And then I stop and stare myself in the eyes. Does it matter? Who am I to despair at the ways of others? Can I blame them for something I do not understand? It is time for me to give them my smile and let them take is as they want it. God is the strength behind my life. It does not matter how they take it. What matters is that I give it.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And so I have let them go. My heart will be secure in Christ. A frown can always turn into a smile. And may I be the one to turn it upside-down. I don't want anyone to ever feel like I am pushing them off, like I keep my smiles for a select few and them alone. I don't want them to think I am snobbish, unkind, aloof, uninterested. This is the world and in it are God's people. Every one of them belongs to him. And I want to help them all see his love.

This post has rambled and gone far away from where I started. But it is inspiration and came from somewhere I do not know, something deep inside me. So I will let it out. I will give it flight.

Take it or leave it, it is my heart.

Here are some loverly pictures I adore.

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
A Smile Is The Best Make-Up 
Any Girl Can Wear...
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
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Enjoy your life, my dears. It is worth every struggle.