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This the page where I get to show off showcase my novels-in-progress and you get all those juicy blurbs and annoying sneak peaks that make you hate writers. ;)

In the Shadow

historical fiction: Ancient Rome, A.D. 64
circa 103,447 words
stage: editing
style: third person, alternating between protagonists Ionez and Merrie
Book #1 in The Endless Fire Trilogy

Rome is a dangerous place under the rule of Emperor Nero. Perilous. And empty.

Ionez is a wild thing. Torn from the untamed highlands of Ancient Britannica and flung into the middle of a raucous Roman household, she breathes hatred for all things of this world. As a slave, that means danger. She enjoys it. Nothing controls her mind. Nothing can make her break.

She wants just two things. To be free, no matter what the price is. And revenge on the man who destroyed her life.

When Octavia Icilius, step-mother to Ionez's mistress, offers her a chance to escape, she leaps at it. It is coated in blood. And she relishes it.

Oh my goodness, this is so perfect!!!! Ionez
Merrie is low profile. She lives in the background of the ambitious Antistius household, serving her mistress Messalina and keeping things cool between Messalina and her proud sister Claudia.

When Merrie is falsely accused of stealing one of her mistress's necklaces, she finds that the trust she put in Messalina sinking beneath a quake of pressure. Good begins to look like bad and bad begins to look like good.

With everything tumbling around her ears, Merrie has but one choice. By putting her life in jeopardy, she might be able to save it.



The Last Scribe

 allegorical dark fantasy
currently 61,157 words
stage: in progress
style: first person in the voice of Breem
stand alone novel

For nineteen years, Breem lived in a small hamlet edging the Wild Ranges of Messeran. He never suspected his identity was anything other than a mixed up orphan, wrought with nightmares and strange emotions, taken in by his aunt.

Until Zealeth, Scribe of Faragwon, came...and changed everything.


 Now he is bound to a scroll, commanded to keep his true name hidden, and find a lost king he doesn't even believe in. He is forced to set out on a dangerous journey, wrought with his own fear, confusion, and inadequacy, to regain a stolen key, while desperate to hear the words of the silent Unseen.

"And now I am alone. The only scribe. The last scribe."

i wasn't enough


dystopian fantasy
currently 46,821 words
stage: in progress
style: first person in the voice of Nicole
first of a trilogy


What do you do when you find out you are the bad guy?

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

I know I am different. I've spent the last 17 years trying to hide it, to be as normal as possible. Unfortunately, with Hegemony's strict Preparation and Training, it's hard to stay low profile. Who are we kidding? I always saw this coming, even if I didn't know how. It was never in my blood to end up a worker in one of the Factories. Looking back, I can see it in the way I was. The way my heart did not stop for my Final Testing, when it should have. It should have!

"We have spent 17 years watching, waiting for the right moment to unveil our prodigy."

The Director was someone I revered. No, feared. As ruler of Hegemony, this city where we live, he is as superior as the far off sun. But now I am a part of his Board, in charge of the most specialized research in the entire world {just what does that mean when Hegemony is all there is?}, creating a gene that will change everything.

I know this is the right thing to do, to follow orders, do as the Director commands, solve the puzzle of the explosive gene... But Tyler, my lab partner, one of only two people outside of the Board allowed to know what I am working on, fills me with doubt, whispering of another world, a place called Cryptic, messages from which he's received from a small black top. I think it's ludicrous. He is insane. But he won't keep quiet. That is dangerous. If a worker were to hear him!? Or a Blueguard or Helper!? I have only one choice. I have to turn him in. It is treason to insinuate the Director is lying to us. Besides, I know he is not!

But now...now...after I have done it, surrendered the man I love to be killed... Now, I see he is right. And it is too late. The monster in me has devoured any chance I had to make a choice. I am consumed, forced to act, have no option.

The life we have always known, counted on, is about to end. I destroyed it. And I did it on purpose.

"Everybody has blood in them. But some of us bleed easier than others."

So perfect! Nicole...



  1. All of these sound really unique and I would love to may help beta read them one day


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