Wednesday, July 31, 2013

how to make your sister your BEST friend

#1: kick her bottom.

#2: concoct evil tortures and silently laugh to yourself as she falls into your pit

#3: write a novel

#4: let her read it - unedited

#5: feed her candy

#6: have wacko text conversations about bumblebees and ants

#7: take long walks down gravel road talking about life

#8: give her space on your laptop for her own files

#9: make her read books you like

#10: let her sit on your bed...all day long...and night long...

#11: stick your tongue out at her regularly

#12: be her happy and very musical chauffeur

#13: tell her no when she asks if she looks alright

#14: fix it

#15: give her advice and then tell her not to follow it

#16: let her wear your clothes

#17: let her fix your already perfect spelling

#18: pinch her - regularly

#19: let her see you cry {on that rare almost never pertinent catastrophe}

#20: let her text her friends on your phone

#'s 1 - 20 applicable to all sibling relationships

If you already do #'s 1 - 20 and your sister is STILL not your bff, I suggest you check your attitude. Bite your lip after she leaves and kill characters in your book. Instead of her.

Your parents will also appreciate this.


From Brisa: Caitria is  my best friend.
I don't write well so bear with me.
When you are sisters there is a natural feeling that you can be mean and annoying to each other and get away with it. No. You . Never. Can. You . Are. Sisters!!
Here is a letter I found on her computer from way back then. I don't think it's weird to share it with you 'cause she's just so wonderful I want someone to know!! btw, I didn't edit it at all so don't judge the typos and grammar...
Dear Caitria,
How are you? I’m fine. I know you are busy with your work at the Wright’s and at home, and with your books. And I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to play the piano for me for Bel Canto and Concert Choir, as well as including me in the work on your book. You don’t know what it means to me. Last year when I first read your book and was captivated by it I didn’t expect you to be so willing to let me help you with it. I really appreciated, and appreciate it. That time I was going through was rough ‘cause I was struggling to make friends because I was so painfully shy. You became my best friend and writing on your book my favorite activity. And now even though I have mostly gotten over my shyness you haven’t dropped me. You still let me join in the fun, even when it is sometimes plain you would rather I left you alone. I thank God for the wonderful relationship you and I have. I love spending time with you because I know we will hardly ever fight, and you are always open to my ideas and critique’s. I can’t remember the last time we had an argument, and I know that’s not on the part of me never being in a bad mood or not wanting to do what you did. We have learned how to please each other and get along almost perfectly. I love sitting by you on the bed and reading and writing with you. I hope we have many more good memories together as we finish your book! Lots of Love, Brisa Janie
P.S I am Sooooo excited about The Last Scribe! Check out the “Ideas for the last scribe” sheet on your desktop!
P.P.S I also want to read that book your friend Cait wrote!
Now, I can say she has done every one of those #20 things above. She is my best friend and I will never forget that God gave her to me twice. Once when he put me in this family, second when I needed a best friend.
Who is your best friend?
P.S. When your sister kicks you. Laugh, and kick her harder. It strengthens your relationship. And your muscles.

Caitria: Well, I don't know what to say. She didn't let me sit here while she wrote that. Let me just say, I have the BEST little sister in the world. Wow. This started out as a joke. But it ended awesome. I love my sis!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Parcel of Pics

Time doesn't forgive. What is done. I am learning that more and more these days, when there are so many choices to make, being made, been made....

But at the same time, I am not afraid. Because I know that no matter what choices I make, God will work them together for good, even when I know I've done the wrong thing. Somehow, it is a part of His plan to teach me...something.

Well, you ready for a parcel of pictures? *overload*

The 4th was super fun. It couldn't have been better if I had been wearing a cape. {Well......maybe.....}

We started out leaving our house 30 min late to go witness at the Marshfield town square before the parade. I was sad because I have never gone witnessing before. We made it in time for about 20 min of it though and then the parade started!!!

In the middle of the parade, I went to the booth and helped facepaint, which was AWESOME fun. I'd never done it before and, eeeeeek, it was cool. I should have taken a pic of one of the adorable little kids I did....but alas, I did not think ahead... :'(
{pic coming}
After the parade we went to Jonni and Rachel's church for potluck, hanging out, and sports. I don't have any pics of that, but hopefully Jonni will get me some here and then I'll plug them in!! :D We played v-ball and softball. Twas fun. My first time playing softball since I was a wee 13-year-old lassie....
After that, we went home, regroomed ourselves, and headed over to Jonni's older sis's house for supper and fireworks. The food was delish. I actually wasn't too hungry, but I had a yummy salad. I like greens. MmmmMmmmm......
On the way to fireworks. We went to a big ol' park to watch the city fireworks.
the clouds....speechless....
Keaton went on this thing...yup, he's up there, but you can't see him. He's about to slide down...
Then NN and I sparred. THAT was awesome. Specially since we were the only girls over 10 in line and even then there were only two others. Haha. We're awesome. ~_*
We have victory!!!!!!!!
Then Tangled made an appearance and my pathetic phone would NOT take a decent picture... :P :'( Seriously though, there were a lot of these and they were amazing and I am going to have them at my wedding.
MUM! Looking pretty...
Abrienne {NN} and I...
Jonni and I!! Hanging before fireworks. We did a piggyback race against her bro and another friend. We one. It was fun!!! But no pics... :(
Friday I spent ALL day {and night} with and friend {Lynnea} who just got back from Japan!!! She is 1/4th Japanese and her grandma took her there. We had so much fun catching up, making pies, playing vball, football {well, we just threw it....}, jumping on the trampoline, and chatting. We also watched MULAN!!! LOVE that movie. So cute!!
Isn't she the most stinkin' pretty thing you've ever seen?!?!?!?!
We stayed the night, as I said, and laid on the trampoline all night until like 3ish them went inside and hung out. Lynnea had to go to bed then cause she had to work the next day {so did I, but my work IS at her house....} but her other sis Lauren {I've posted about her before!!!} came home at midnight and WE stayed up till 6 talking. Then I got up at 9 to work. Came home. Cleaned the yard. Made supper. Weeded. Wrote a wee bit. Played Piano {Reflection, to be exact}. Took a walk with NN down our road. Read. And now I'm chilling here on my bed. Listening to epic songs, I might add.
All in all, a good last few days. Some things could have been better. Some things...were perfect. That's the way of life.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It is the 4th

We stand not only on a foundation of principles, but on a foundation of faith. Those who would try to extract one from the other will find that it will crumble. You cannot maintain honor, loyalty, and liberty without the ultimate authority of God. Men who attempt to will only corrupt and destroy them because there is no groundwork to stand upon, no absolute to determine what they are...and they will twist them and distort them to their own purposes. Faith and love. These are the path to a nation of true independence.

Those who will not be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants. ~ William Penn

It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. ~ George Washington


Monday, July 1, 2013


Well, everyone. It is time for the unveiling.

Some of you may follow me on Pinterest and see the suspicious, enigmatic board titled Dystopian World, to which I have made no previous reference. Well, I finally came out of my comfortable little nutshell and got brave enough share the hot seat with you {I’m not really a fan of roasted nuts; still, I couldn’t hang in oblivion forever}. But I couldn't really figure out how. It is so complex. So I decided to let Nicole speak for herself. Poor girl. I put so much stress and pressure on her thin shoulder.

Who can blame me? She is the most brilliant person in the world {well, what's left of it - not much, I have to admit; it's been blown to bits by Nuclear Warfare, oh, about a hundred or so years ago}. She may be a little small {5'9'' in a world of 6'+ is a big deal}, competitive at times, and have a dry sense of humor, but she can figure anything out, remembers almost everything, and knows exactly what is expected of her. That's nice. No one likes somebody they can't predict. 

Ladies and gents {who don't exist}, Imitation:

What do you do when you find out you are the bad guy?

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

I know I am different. I've spent the last 17 years trying to hide it, to be as normal as possible. Unfortunately, with Hegemony's strict Preparation and Training, it's hard to stay low profile. Who are we kidding? I always saw this coming, even if I didn't know how. It was never in my blood to end up a worker in one of the Factories. Looking back, I can see it in the way I was. The way my heart did not stop for my Final Testing, when it should have. It should have!

"We have spent 17 years watching, waiting for the right moment to unveil our prodigy."

The Director was someone I revered. No, feared. As ruler of Hegemony, this city where we live, he is as superior as the far off sun. But now I am a part of his Board, in charge of the most specialized research in the entire world {just what does that mean when Hegemony is all there is?}, creating a drug that will change everything.

I know this is the right thing to do, to follow orders, do as the Director commands, solve the puzzle of the explosive element... But Tyler, my lab partner, one of only two people outside of the Board allowed to know what I am working on, fills me with doubt, whispering of another world, a place called Cryptic, messages from which he's received from a small black top. I think it's ludicrous. He is insane. But he won't keep quiet. That is dangerous. If a worker were to hear him!? Or a Blueguard or Helper!? I have only one choice. I have to turn him in. It is treason to insinuate the Director is lying to us. Besides, I know he is not!

But I have done it, surrendered the man I love to be killed... Now, I see he is right. And it is too late. The monster in me has devoured any chance I had to make a choice. I am consumed, forced to act, have no option.

The life we have always known, counted on, is about to end. I destroyed it. And I did it on purpose.

"Everybody has blood in them. But some of us bleed easier than others."

So perfect! Nicole...