Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life, jazz, God, and stuff

Sweet pie, I'm happy!

I'm not sure why.

Well, actually, I do know why.

But that is top secret.

Anyhow, I went and helped out with a friends' soccer team today. It is co-coached by one of my team members and almost all the girls on it are my friends too {it is a high school team}. It was super fun.

This is a pic of me and another of my team mates {who also helped out today}.

Ok, test. Who am I?

Obviously, dear friends who know me.....don't answer. LOL!

-_* {I discovered this winking guy and love him so much!}

This week has been really good for me.

I've spent so much time in prayer and meditation and reading God's word. I feel in tune with Him right now and that is sooooooo amazing.

I went through a really rough period of life for about six years. I was alone. I felt unloved. Unwanted. And utterly forgotten.

We had moved 2,000 miles away from everyone and everything I had ever known, to a place so completely remote of what I knew....I couldn't even find my way to the grocery store.

I was broken.

And slowly, I began to bond to Christ, my one and only consolation. I found my solace in Him. I found the power to face life.

It wasn't like, all of a sudden I leaped into His arms and everything was ok.

But over time, I was strengthened. Some of the ice melted from my heart. The hardness broke away from my soul.

I felt free.

And, just as slowly, God began to bring people into my life. One by one, they knocked over my walls, my trust issues, and friends.

Real friends.

It's not a permanent fix. Aw, we all know we are just human. But whenever the trials, the doubts, the fears rise up, I just think about Him and it all becomes so meaningless, so powerless, so empty.

What are these minuscule troubles of life in the glint of eternity after all?

What are these petty squabbles and simple disagreements all about? Who cares? In an hour, in a day, in a month, in ten years.....who will remember and what will it matter.

Life, love, truth. THESE are the things that will be remembered.

So invest in them.

And that kind of changed my life. Not just because God began to fix it. But because He fixed me. And I let Him. That is the key. You have to let Him, let Him take over. Forever.

And it will hurt.

But then it will change.

And YOU will change.


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A very dear friend sent this to me today. She made my year today, by agreeing to be my Olympic Challenge Buddy {found HERE}. I am soooooooo super excited. She now knows more about me than most people. Which is scary and awesome. I don't open up my heart to a lot of people. Really. Though it seems that I do. I have to her. And I feel safe. Which is also awesome.

So, here is an encouraging thought for all of you.

It can be fixed.

Life will never always be perfect. We live in a fallen world. Satan broke in and destroyed the beautiful perfection God created. But, God is here to help us survive it. We messed up. But He never left us. It is not just happenstance that keeps us afloat.

And it is not just happenstance that when I gave everything to him, surrendered it all, and told Him that I would take whatever He gave....that things finally began to fall into place.

So have faith, trust in Him, and wait for that moment. Because it will come.

He promises that.

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! That makes me uber happy. I can't wait to see what kind of day it will be. I hope a good one. I have doubts. It snowed here today.... :P I hate snow. Don't kill me. It's just about the only thing I hate.

But it's wet, and cold, and *shivers*, I don't like it.

I like hot. Really hot. Pretty sure I could move to Africa and be happy.

Well, not really, unless my whole world moved with me, but in theory, I'm prepared to be happy in Africa. ;)

I hope you all have a glorious evening!!! ;)


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Dance!!!

Eeek!!! Ladies and gentlemen, today is a very big day!!!!


I can upload pictures again!!!!!! Yipee!!!!
the day I met Silver...I was in my yucky travel cloths and exhausted from 10 hours of driving...and she was just too cute


my sister Brisa playing dress-up Egyptian fasion
Not only that, but my Friday was amazing. I know, they always are, but it just seems each one tops the last one. God's been doing some pretty great things in my life this year. We are just about one month into it, and already it is my favorite year. And that is saying a lot because I was in love with 2012.

All in all, life has just been good the last little while. Not because it has been perfect, but because it has been full of love. And most of all, because it has been 100% in God's hands.

For so many years, I tried to do things my own way. I tried to take control of my life and get things done the way I wanted them to be done. And I succeeded in creating a lot of mess and heartache. So, this last fall, I surrendered everything to God.

It is a daily struggle. I have to do it every hour, every moment, giving Him up every thought and emotion and desire... and I have not once regretted it. Life has just been...peaceful. Fulfilling. Meaningful. And full of Him.

I am so glad I made the choice to give it to Him and let Him have control, because, after all, He wants the best for me {even if my idea of the best and His idea of the best...aren't exactly the same...} and He loves me more than any earthly person. So how can I not trust Him enough to give Him everything? It seems a simple choice. Even saying it seems easy. But it's not. My flesh wars with my spirit to want to do things my way again. Ack!!!!

But I'm not going to give in. I choose God. :)

So, anyway, that was my newest revelation and inspiration. God has just been doing so much in my life! Eeek. It's kind of scary. A lot has been going on. And it makes me jittery with excitement.

Anyway, I am researching portable volleyball nets to take to orchestra. Eeesh! They are expensive!!!!! So, um....yeah, we'll see how this goes. :P

Today I spent all day at College of the Ozarks with my brother Thadden wandering around the campus, checking out all the cool places, and meeting a few of his new friends. It was super fun. And the weather was agreeable too!!! In fact, it is supposed to be really warm tomorrow. That makes me happy. I am going to go running after church with a soccer ball to work on my handling skills and lung capacity. It's going to be wonderful. I love running but haven't been doing a lot of it in the last few years for lack of time and motivation. It was easy when I was in track... But, once again, the motivation is kicking in. I'm a determined kind of person. I make my mind up to do something...and I will do it, however hard it is, however long it takes, whatever I have to get through. LOL... That is why it's a good thing I've given my life over to God. LOL!

I don't have a picture of my board yet {mostly because I still have two pictures to print and put up on it} but now that I can upload pictures on my blog again, as soon as I get one picture from a friend, I will put it up!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the fabulous weather today and spent at least a little of it outside!!!! :D


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiration and Fun

So we won our soccer game last Friday. It was so much fun. I can't wait until this next one, because I will know so much better how the games are going to go. Before that, I will be bowling with some friends. I'm pretty excited about that too. So, I've been digging around pinterest and thought I'd share a few pics I've found. I haven't been doing many inspirational posts of late, since I've been actually feeling less-than-inspired emotionally myself. Nothing to goopey, just some stuff that I've been way overthinking. Don't you hate it when you're brain does that. I want to shout, "NO. STOP!!!" But it doesn't listen. {That's the one bad thing about you're own mind, is it doesn't shut up when you tell it to.} Anyhow, I'm pretty ready for Friday to get here cause it always rejuivinates my week and makes me so happy. Last Friday especially so, because I finally got to be myself around some friends that as of yet I had not felt that way. It was awesome. Really. I felt soooo good afterwards. That was awesome too. ;)

Sooo cute! I had a friend once who was obsessed with Panda Bears. I know why. They're cuties. :D

This is so true, it's not even funny. So much has changed and happened. I don't even know how. But it's all good. It makes me happy.
I just about died when I read this!!! They so should make these!!!!!!
Yeah, so this is pretty much true... LOL!
My prayer for life.
So long, dearies! Enjoy this cold, cold day.... :D
It is a good day to listen to the Tangled soundtrack, too, btw. <3 <3

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I joined a soccer team this month!!! I am soooooooo excited because our first game is tomorrow at 7:45 {pm}. On Wednesday I took two of my friends out to town and we had a blast getting all my stuff at several places. I will post a pic of me in my soon as I can. Blogger has still not fixed my upload problem. I have to put all my pics somewhere on the internet before I can get them here now. Which is hard, because I don't want to put them just anywhere....

Anyway, I am super excited because our team is PURPLE!!!! {My favorite color.}

I'm also kind of nervious {I know, me?} because we haven't had a practice and are just heading right into a game. It's not terribly competitive...but I am very competitive when on a real team. So I'm hoping it goes ok. I'm trying to convince myself it's just for fun and not to worry too hard.


So, anyway, that is my news for the day and I'll let you all know how the game goes!!! {Win or lose, I plan on having fun.}

Have a great day, darlings!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stuff and Giveaway

{Written Thursday}

Interesting day, to say the least.... Someday, there will be a pic to explain why...when I can upload pics again. For now....I don't want to talk about it, lol!!!! {Those of you who will see me tomorrow will know why...}

Also, I am hosting a giveaway on my other blog. The link is HERE.

I went to Walmart today and printed a ton of pics for my new cork board in my room that I got for my birthday that I FINALLY got up on the wall. It is really pretty. I printed a bunch of pics of friends and family and stuff and it looks awesome. {Speaking of which, Jonnah, I need a cool pic of you. Please send me one, eh?} Another thing that I will show you....once my pics are uploading again. Unless I feel the urge to put it up on Pinterest. Which, I suppose, I could..... Naaa... I'll wait till later.

Well, small post to say the least, but a post nonetheless. I really want to try and figure out what happened to blogger..... It makes me feel sad. LOL!

Make (or remake) yourself

{Written Saturday}

Ah, how life can change in a matter of moments... Good, bad, it all comes and goes. And it made me realize something. That all my petty emotions are part of a bigger plot to create the life God wants me to have. And that is a comforting thought {said like Gandalf}.

All things are meant to be. And that makes me soooooo happy I could cry.

Friday was awesome, awesome, awesome. Spent almost all day playing volley ball and hanging out with amazing friends. In choir I am a teacher now and that is really cool cause people ask me what to do and I get to answer like I am really important. ;) Well, at least it makes me feel really important, lol!!!!!

Not much to this post, but I need to get off here now!!! Eeesh, I wish I could upload some of my pics!!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Monday my brother Thadden headed off to college. It was a sad day here....

Things have been happening in my life, yet for some reason I don't feel like I can share them. They are more...something inside. I don't know. Deep and raw and personal. Even some of my GOOD friends don't know them...

But most of them feel good. I just feel like God has a hand on my life and everything is going well. And the best part is there are so many people in my life right now that I love....and love me too. That feels good.

But, anyway, off of sappy, sad stuff. :D

{I can never be sad for too long. I think that is a fault...}

I've started a new book {again}. Yeah, I know. Just shoot me now. My life is going to be crazy. I hope no one ever tries to write about it, cause they will never be able to. Just won't happen. :D

But anyway, this book is another fantasy and is going to be really cool. Brisa came up with the initial plotline and told me to write a book. She was joking. I took her seriously. If you want to know more about it, head over here. You'll hear all about it.

Ok, question. Blogger is not letting me upload any of my own photos to posts anymore. It brings up some strange thing that says "You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG files" but there is no upload button anymore. Anyone else having any problems with this?





Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey, stranger...

Oh yeah, that would be me...

Well. I am back.

That is exciting. And terribly scary, because it means that 2012 is gone and 2013 is here!!! Oh...........

Ok, I'm ok now.... :P

Anyway, recap of my last month.

It was...interesting. Some good. Some bad.

I turned 19 on the 18th of December. That was a strange moment in time. I am getting so old. {hehe...}

My Grandmother from Oregon flew out and stayed with us for 8 days, which was fun. And she was here for my birthday.

I went to a couple fun parties at different friends houses and had fun at our end of the year performance for Choir and Orchestra.

But, the highlight of my month was going to see the Hobbit and Les Miserables.

They. Were. Awesome.



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

{Les Miserables}

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End of story.

I haven't much to say. This post isn't going to ramble on about my life. I am learning {or maybe just deciding} that too many words are not so good. I have a tendancy of saying too much and too little. {Meaning what I say is absolutely pointless.} At least, to certian people. I have a few {a VERY few} friends to whom I can open up to. Really and truly. And then I am me. Really and truly. Very few people know who that is. But I am trying to let her out. I am tired of being someone for everyone else. I am ready to be myself all the time. So that is my one and only New Year's Resolution. To be me.


So, anyway. Here's to a New Year!