Friday, June 6, 2014


Bright blue skies. Ruby-chested hummingbirds. The first fragrant flowers.

This is what spring is all about. The rejuvenation of life.

New beginnings, fresh starts...

This spring, I've needed a few of those fresh starts.

You know I mentioned before I want to just go - and do - and see - everything. The world, it's incredible! And it's at my fingertips.

God has something amazing in store for this summer. I can feel it. Not in the way I know I'm hungry {we are best friends...}. Not in the way I know I'm tired.

It's sort of unreal. Like I'm not quite sure just what to feel....I just know it's there.

❥I find this very loverly...
Every opportunity is a chance to do something worthwhile.
I watched a youtube video earlier today about a gentleman interviewing a man who was probably in his later 50's. The guy brought up a few key remarks about our culture that I have mulled over myself.
One thing he mentioned was how desensitized to wonder we are.
This world is amazing!! And nobody is happy. We have SO MUCH at our finger-tips, and we complain.
We don't even realize how blessed we actually are. Just think back a few decades... Woah! Wifi didn't even exist!! And you know what, they all survived just fine.
Among other things, the guy discussed how everybody without fail makes this huge deal about flights - cancelations, delays, sitting on the runway....every possible little thing that goes wrong with their flight.
Having just recently made my first flight ever, I am very in tune with what he talked about. No one is happy. While this was a new and exciting experience for me, everybody around me muttered about how unreliable airlines are.
I had three flights canceled.
I only flew in three airplanes.
One cancelation left me stranded in the Chicago airport for 14 hours.
Everyone kept asking me if I was mad, if I hated it, what I did about it - as if I should be furious.
My question back was - why?
What entitles me to anger over a delayed flight?
How incredible that I even got to be in an airplane!!
It was just so neat to be so many miles in the sky!! All I could think was how incredible the journey was, how much I enjoyed those first few minutes in the sky! And the other two flights did not lessen in amazement. The clouds were gorgeous! The earth so tiny. I could see all those places - the people, homes, cars - and all I could think was how big it was, how I was seeing only a small portion, how many people there were, and how, in view of them all, God loved ME and cared about ME on this flight right here right now....
There is this seed of discontent in our culture that saturates everything - everyone.
I just want to know.
I am restless. I want to go places. I want to see things. I want to do something.
But everywhere I am, everything I witness, everything I do - right here, right now - is amazing too. If I cannot appreciate this, why would I cherish anything else?
This is my life.
And it is glorious.


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