Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello World!!!

Once upon a time, I was a normal girl (I think, you'll have to ask my mother), but then something happened (I don't really know what), and I became me. The best way to describe me? Hyper. My Daddy is too, so I get it from him. I cannot tell you how much I love my family! I have four siblings, of whom I am the oldest. We all have interesting names. Thadden Elias is my 17 year old brother. Brisa Jane is 14. Her middle name is the same as my grandmother on my Mommy's side's middle name. Abrienne Kierra is 13, and Keaton Adlai is 7. I love them to death! Well, not quite. I think they more or less survive me. Keaton likes to say REALLY cute things.
We live on a 25 acre farm with 28 chickens (I had to count them for taxes this year), 9 cats, 13 cows, 2 dogs, and a horse. I have always loved animals and I think I always will. God's whole creation is indescribable. I love outside!
Today the sun has burst out upon the land again, after being hidden behind a layer of clouds. I am happiest when it is out and HOT!
But, there is nothing I love more in the world than God. He is my strength and shield. Without Him, I would fly into a million pieces. How despondent and miserable everything would be! There would be no purpose to life. This and that, what is it worth? Nothing. Without God and His everlasting, all-powerful, perfect grace.
I have some of the most amazing friends ever, too! And what's best, one of them lives two minutes away from me! I live in the middle of nowhere, but still God thought to bless me by making us move in to a house one mile from a wonderful family of homeschoolers who go to the same Orchestra and Choir Classes we do. We didn't even meet our neighbors until we went there...and then discovered where we live!!!!
I have been homeschooled since I was three years old. I was so wild and troublesome that my Mommy decided to start teaching me so I wouldn't blow up the house. I could already read my Bible at three and that started me down a life-long love (passionate love) of reading...anything. God made everything in the world SOOOO interesting. Except math (actually, I should say Advanced Math and Calculus). That is the only thing that I deign to say really is wretched. This year I am graduating, although I technically graduated last year. It's a complicated story, lol.
I absolutely love to sing. Just ask anyone. I also enjoy drawing. If you have any cute baby pictures, I would LOVE to have (borrow) them to draw. I can draw you a copy too! I just love to draw children.
When I was little, I decided I was going to be a vet. Then, when I turned 11, God changed my world by telling me to be a writer. (At that time, grammar ranked up with math.) I am so thrilled that He chose me to do this for Him. There is an undeniably exhilaration surrounding all that I am able to do as a writer. Words are such an amazing tool! There are so many unique, entrancing ways to use them! Sometime, perhaps, I'll give you a snip-it preview of my book. It's title is The Severed Chord. Does that sound catchy or not? I'd really like to know.
As I mentioned before, we are going to Orchestra and Choir Classes. It is unimaginatively incredible. The teachers are amazing. I used to be in the orchestra but then pulled out to get piano lessons instead because I know that is an instrument I will be able to employ in my life FOREVER. My oboe was not functioning correctly either. I really love to listen to the orchestra though!! Choir is incomparable.
I could go on for hours, so I'd better stop.
Well, I hope this is what a blog post is supposed to be. For a first one, anyway. Most of mine will NOT be like this.


  1. <3 <3 <3! This post is perfect. Adorable. :D
    I'm so glad that you are an official blogger! I'm gonna love reading your fututre posts!

  2. Very cute Caitria! If you need anymore help on your blog just let me know! <3

  3. Ok, thanks! I can't find the message you sent me maybe we can start there, lol!


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