Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thank you for being you...

 Yes, a theme it seems, for me at this moment.

Miss Treskie over at Occasional Randomness has tagged me in this blog award.

I have no idea why, since, at the moment, I have done no more than just TALK about the fact that I am going to be me, the me I want to be, and not the me other people want me to be, the me that GOD has created me to be!!!!! (And if you got that, you are smart.)

But, regardless, she has, and I am soooooo very grateful!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! I appreciate it, because, though right now it has been only talk, it wont be forever. One of these days, the opportunity will arise. Something will happen. And "me" will come out!!!! Hooray for that day!

At the moment though, I better get to business. I really do like these awards, because they all come with challenges that you must tackle. Namely, telling others about who you are. And, as all my fellow bloggers would agree, that is no simple task!!!!

Now, I have a question. Why??????????

Is is because you are afraid to tell people who you really are?
Because you have nothing interesting to say (a silly reason. Of course you do. God made you. That alone is interesting to tell about).
Because we are afraid of bragging or making people not like us?

In case of these, the solutions are simple.

  1. If you suffer from problem number one, I have finally figured out what to tell you. You don't have to be afraid of telling people who you really are, because if you are, you really are... nobody. People who are ashamed of themselves, really have no personality. They are what I was only months ago. A shadow of every other person around them, a mere ghost who mingles personalities until it can't define even one. Never fear. There is an ante-dote!!! (STOP ~ read no further if you want to remain fearful, shallow, and peronalityless.) You can get on your knees, get to God to save you from your own disgrace, and get up and start being who you were called to be, apart from ANYONE else's opinion.
  2. If you are ill with the second problem, here is you very easy tip: YOU. ARE. A. (ready for this?) PERSON. A person created by God. And you will always have something interesting to say, even if it is only what He has taught for the day. So write away! We won't judge.
  3. If the last predicament is your predicament, never fear. First off, bragging is something done voluntarily, in a spirit of meanness, and to raise yourself ABOVE someone else. Since we are all separate bloggers telling about our day to day lives, I don't think we need fear telling others about our accomplishment. (I mean, how few and fleeting are they!?) And if people don't like you, oh well. This goes back to number one. Be who you were meant to be. And the people who were meant to be in your life...WILL BE.
There was my rant for the day. Phew....
So, the rules for this award are as follows.
1.) Thank the person who gave it to you.
2.) Post eleven facts about yourself.
3.) Answer eleven questions the award-giver will make up for you and make up eleven of your own.
4.) Tell seven more things about yourself.
I have thanked Treskie, but I will do it again, because I think gratitude can NEVER be given too much!!! So, THANK YOU Treskie!!!!!!!! You are such a sweetie!!!!!
Eleven facts about me.
  1. I have brown, curly hair. Do not melt. It is NOT easy to take care of.
  2. I live in a Victorian house, that God miraculously blessed my family with. The story is AWESOME. REALLY awesome.
  3. I hate saying I because it is sooooo overused. Redundancy is something I can't stand unless you use really cool, diverting, spectacular words that are so incredible....nobody noticed.
  4. Through my time as a writer, I have progressed through six different writing styles and learned I can't wait till I am all grown up in the writing world and know EXACTLY what I want to write like. 'Tis a headache...
  5. When I was seven, my best friend was imaginary. Her hair was black, and long, and she had blue eyes. And she didn't have a name.
  6. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was eighteen (six months ago).
  7. When we moved from the State of Oregon, to the State of Missouri, on the third day of our travels, the huge bridge in Mississippi collapsed and was on the news. The next day I was scared to death every time we were on a bridge. I survived. None of them fell.
  8. I will be getting married in the middle of summer. Just saying. Because my birthday is in the middle of winter. And the cold girl DOES NOT like cold. So.... that leaves me with the obvious, eh?
  9. My family members are my best friends in the world. Mommy and Daddy and I have the best talks. Thadden and I ride bikes for hours and talk on the bridge just down our road FOREVER!!! Brisa helps me edit my book. SUCH a darling. I think she puts up with a LOT!! Abrienne is sooooo knock-out hilarious. And Keaton is so cute I think I might die one of these days from laughing!!!
  10. I really like old maps. A Lot.

Pinned Image
    11.  My favorite place in the world... The beach on a hot windy day. I miss the beach...
And here are the questions I have to answer.

1.) Favorite book? ~ hmmm, I've gone here. I have many. But I will say Mara, Daughter of the Nile, today. :D
2.) Opinion on fantasy? (No bashing J. R. R. Tolkien, KAY?) Only read a few fantasy's to be honest. But from what I have read, I like it. (J.R.R. Tolkien was brilliant. :D)
3.) Coffee or Tea? ~ can I say both!!!! I LOVE both. Especially coffee with french vanilla creamer and tea with mint in it!!
4.) Ice cream: Vanilla or chocolate? ~ no question. Chocolate.
5.) Do you think baseball is awesome or boring?  ~ If I am playing it, its awesome. If I am watching it...blah, unless I know someone playing it.
6.) Do you call this a soccer ball or football? ~ Ummmm, well, since this is MY favorite sport, I better not flunk. SOCCER BALL!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

7.) Do you like action, romance, comedy, or drama? (You can pick more that one...) ~ good, cause I say all of the above.
8.) When you go out in public, do you tend to dress up a little bit or do you not care? ~ oh, it depends on where I am going. I like to look nice. But sometimes, if I don't fell well, I won't.
9.) Who's a better hero, Sir Percy Blakeney or Captain America. ~ Ah, I feel cheated, because I have NOT seen Captain America, thus I feel obligated to say Sir Percy Blakeney....
10.) Favorite movie/s? ~ again, don't have one. Megamind, LotR, Wall-E.... yeah, that's my lame list...
11.) State, in five words or less, your life story.     ENDANGERED, ENLIVENED, ENLIGHTENED, EAGER, EXHILARATED
Seven MORE things about me? Well.....
  1. I'd die if I never saw people
  2. The piano is my favorite instrument to play, though I have played at least three others and handled a kazillion more.
  3. Danger doesn't even BEGIN to describe me when I am on a mission. If you interrupt: you dead. (Ok, maybe not dead. Just, maimed.)
  4. I hate people who shout at other people. It makes my soul cry. Gentle and steady for me.
  5. I LOVE to draw faces.
  6. Jesus is my hero. He saved my life. (And he didn't even have to wear armor!!)
  7. My two new English Golden Retriever Pups are the sweetest things in the world at the moment.
There, done.

Sort of.

I have to tag some other people. BUT, since the LAST people I tagged DIDN'T receive their awards, I am only going to tag two people.

But my 11 questions first!!!!

1) What was the first gift you remember getting that made an impact on you?
2) Who would you call the person who has made you the most of what you are? i.e. Mom, sibling, father...
3) Where would you go FIRST if you were free to go ANYWHERE?
4) What is your goal for life?
5) What is your favorite dessert?
6) Do you like geography?
7) Have you ever sang under the stars?
8) Where were you born?
9) What is the greatest lesson you have learned from so far?
10) Why would you decide to go to the train station?
11) Can you tell me, in one short paragraph, why you are so glad Jesus died for you?

Ok!!! And my two nominees!!!!
Can't wait to see what you girlies come up with!!!!
Anyway, I must get back to my book. Characters are running wild and disobeying and doing things that are NOT traditional...
See ya!


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. lol you're welcome!

    I'm so glad you like Tolkien. Isn't he awesome?

    As for the soccer ball question, I am now fairly sure that you are American, the British call it a football. :)

    YOU MUCH WATCH Captain America. He is so very sweet. And he's a *real* hero. (Meaning, he had the mindset of a hero even when he was tiny, before he "became" the Captain.)

    lol God bless

    1. :D

      Haha, yes!!!!

      LOL, American born and raised!!! :D And that is sooooo funny!!!

      Ah....hopefully I will someday!!! I like good hero's.

  3. Ooh! A tag!!! How funny is this...we got tagged for the same award...TWICE! :D Eek! We feel sooo loooved! Kind of exciting actually. Well, hold out till saturday, I think, and then we'll set off the fireworks.

    Thanks Caitria!!! You're SO nice!! :D

    PS Yeah, it is definately a soccer ball. :)

    1. Haha!!! Who else tagged you? This is a good award. I liked it immensely!!! Ah, I'm glad you feel loved. That's a good way to feel. :D Oh, I can't wait!!!

      You are very welcome. :D

      Yeah, and Australia agrees!!! LOL <3 *_*

  4. This was a fantastic post. All of it. I just love it. :D <3

    1. Ahhhhh!!! Thank you!!! I'm glad! It was so much fun writing it! I love your blog too!!! :D


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