Wednesday, July 31, 2013

how to make your sister your BEST friend

#1: kick her bottom.

#2: concoct evil tortures and silently laugh to yourself as she falls into your pit

#3: write a novel

#4: let her read it - unedited

#5: feed her candy

#6: have wacko text conversations about bumblebees and ants

#7: take long walks down gravel road talking about life

#8: give her space on your laptop for her own files

#9: make her read books you like

#10: let her sit on your bed...all day long...and night long...

#11: stick your tongue out at her regularly

#12: be her happy and very musical chauffeur

#13: tell her no when she asks if she looks alright

#14: fix it

#15: give her advice and then tell her not to follow it

#16: let her wear your clothes

#17: let her fix your already perfect spelling

#18: pinch her - regularly

#19: let her see you cry {on that rare almost never pertinent catastrophe}

#20: let her text her friends on your phone

#'s 1 - 20 applicable to all sibling relationships

If you already do #'s 1 - 20 and your sister is STILL not your bff, I suggest you check your attitude. Bite your lip after she leaves and kill characters in your book. Instead of her.

Your parents will also appreciate this.


From Brisa: Caitria is  my best friend.
I don't write well so bear with me.
When you are sisters there is a natural feeling that you can be mean and annoying to each other and get away with it. No. You . Never. Can. You . Are. Sisters!!
Here is a letter I found on her computer from way back then. I don't think it's weird to share it with you 'cause she's just so wonderful I want someone to know!! btw, I didn't edit it at all so don't judge the typos and grammar...
Dear Caitria,
How are you? I’m fine. I know you are busy with your work at the Wright’s and at home, and with your books. And I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to play the piano for me for Bel Canto and Concert Choir, as well as including me in the work on your book. You don’t know what it means to me. Last year when I first read your book and was captivated by it I didn’t expect you to be so willing to let me help you with it. I really appreciated, and appreciate it. That time I was going through was rough ‘cause I was struggling to make friends because I was so painfully shy. You became my best friend and writing on your book my favorite activity. And now even though I have mostly gotten over my shyness you haven’t dropped me. You still let me join in the fun, even when it is sometimes plain you would rather I left you alone. I thank God for the wonderful relationship you and I have. I love spending time with you because I know we will hardly ever fight, and you are always open to my ideas and critique’s. I can’t remember the last time we had an argument, and I know that’s not on the part of me never being in a bad mood or not wanting to do what you did. We have learned how to please each other and get along almost perfectly. I love sitting by you on the bed and reading and writing with you. I hope we have many more good memories together as we finish your book! Lots of Love, Brisa Janie
P.S I am Sooooo excited about The Last Scribe! Check out the “Ideas for the last scribe” sheet on your desktop!
P.P.S I also want to read that book your friend Cait wrote!
Now, I can say she has done every one of those #20 things above. She is my best friend and I will never forget that God gave her to me twice. Once when he put me in this family, second when I needed a best friend.
Who is your best friend?
P.S. When your sister kicks you. Laugh, and kick her harder. It strengthens your relationship. And your muscles.

Caitria: Well, I don't know what to say. She didn't let me sit here while she wrote that. Let me just say, I have the BEST little sister in the world. Wow. This started out as a joke. But it ended awesome. I love my sis!!!!


  1. Awww!!! Cait and I do most of the list... though right now, she's sitting on MY bed and I'm on the FLOOR, so I'm really not sure how that happened... Also, she previously sat on me, then stole my glasses and ran away. Ah, that's what sisters are for, right? :) Beautiful post, too!

    1. HAHA!!! Yes, definitely what sisters do. And yes, I often wonder how that happens too. *shakes fist at floor and sister* ;) Thanks!

    2. Woah. Did you just shake your fist at ME? ME??!!! Innocent and loveable ME???!!!

      And yes, Caitria, this was a fabulous post. N'AWWW!!! YAY for sisters who are awesome and epic!

      As for you, Mime. I'm glad you appreciate how I sit on you and steal your glasses. I also eat from your chocolate stack, steal your clothes (we have a great barter system) and occasionally I DO change the settings on your iPod and watch you painfully try to fix them. You're welcome, Popsicle.

    3. Ahem...well...I plead the fifth. ;)

      {and yes, VERY loveable.}

      Haha!!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now!!!!

  2. Love this! You girls are awesome. I greatly enjoyed hanging out with you at the beach.

    1. Awwwww. Thank you Cousin Don!!!! We enjoyed it too!! I can't wait till you guys come visit us!!!

  3. Awww! You guys are so sweet! <3 <3

    1. :D <3 <3 <3 And so, my dear, are you. :D <3 <3 <3

  4. awwwwwwww. You seem to have a lovely relationship with your sister. That's great. :D


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