Monday, July 1, 2013


Well, everyone. It is time for the unveiling.

Some of you may follow me on Pinterest and see the suspicious, enigmatic board titled Dystopian World, to which I have made no previous reference. Well, I finally came out of my comfortable little nutshell and got brave enough share the hot seat with you {I’m not really a fan of roasted nuts; still, I couldn’t hang in oblivion forever}. But I couldn't really figure out how. It is so complex. So I decided to let Nicole speak for herself. Poor girl. I put so much stress and pressure on her thin shoulder.

Who can blame me? She is the most brilliant person in the world {well, what's left of it - not much, I have to admit; it's been blown to bits by Nuclear Warfare, oh, about a hundred or so years ago}. She may be a little small {5'9'' in a world of 6'+ is a big deal}, competitive at times, and have a dry sense of humor, but she can figure anything out, remembers almost everything, and knows exactly what is expected of her. That's nice. No one likes somebody they can't predict. 

Ladies and gents {who don't exist}, Imitation:

What do you do when you find out you are the bad guy?

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

I know I am different. I've spent the last 17 years trying to hide it, to be as normal as possible. Unfortunately, with Hegemony's strict Preparation and Training, it's hard to stay low profile. Who are we kidding? I always saw this coming, even if I didn't know how. It was never in my blood to end up a worker in one of the Factories. Looking back, I can see it in the way I was. The way my heart did not stop for my Final Testing, when it should have. It should have!

"We have spent 17 years watching, waiting for the right moment to unveil our prodigy."

The Director was someone I revered. No, feared. As ruler of Hegemony, this city where we live, he is as superior as the far off sun. But now I am a part of his Board, in charge of the most specialized research in the entire world {just what does that mean when Hegemony is all there is?}, creating a drug that will change everything.

I know this is the right thing to do, to follow orders, do as the Director commands, solve the puzzle of the explosive element... But Tyler, my lab partner, one of only two people outside of the Board allowed to know what I am working on, fills me with doubt, whispering of another world, a place called Cryptic, messages from which he's received from a small black top. I think it's ludicrous. He is insane. But he won't keep quiet. That is dangerous. If a worker were to hear him!? Or a Blueguard or Helper!? I have only one choice. I have to turn him in. It is treason to insinuate the Director is lying to us. Besides, I know he is not!

But I have done it, surrendered the man I love to be killed... Now, I see he is right. And it is too late. The monster in me has devoured any chance I had to make a choice. I am consumed, forced to act, have no option.

The life we have always known, counted on, is about to end. I destroyed it. And I did it on purpose.

"Everybody has blood in them. But some of us bleed easier than others."

So perfect! Nicole...



  1. Ooooooooooooh. Sounds good. :D Sad. Intense? Good. *winky*

    I actually had noticed your Dystopian World pin board and was like.. "hmmmmmmm."

    :D Cheers!

    1. "Hmmmmmmmmm." Yeah. Right response. That would be my reaction if I saw it on someone else's profile... :D


  2. I love your Dystopian World board! The book sounds amazing! Definitely something I would read:) Good luck on your new project:)

  3. I'm making a mental note to NEVER EVER EVER let our characters get together. Like, seriously.

    This looks super epic and exciting!! WOOT! How are you finding writing dystopian? I looove it. It's my favourite genre to read, so odds are it'll end up my favourite genre to write. So much you can do, and, of course, there are guns. Every book is more exciting if there are guns. And cake. I like cake.

    1. Yes. That is a very good notion. Especially Nicole and Micah. BAD combination, that. We'll have to ensure they stay in their respective worlds.... We don't want anyone getting...hurt.

      I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I am beginning to think it is mine too. Took me a while to get into it. But now... I can't get enough. Eeeek. It's wonderful. Guns. YES! comment.

  4. Cool! I have a love/hate relationship with Dystopian. I think it's a cool genre. I just find it awfully depressing. LOL. I think it could lend itself to the most epic adventures, though. Your story sounds quite gripping. I understand all your quotes now! :)

    1. Haha! Depressing!? I guess I don't think like that. But yeah, I bet it makes more sense now!!!!!! :D Just wait till you get to hear more..... :D

  5. This intrigues me. Have you ever read any of Ted Dekker's novels? I don't think any of them are truly dystopian, but several of them deal have themes with strikingly similar taglines to this.


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