Thursday, September 5, 2013

For realz

Ok, put down your drink. Swallow.

Today was a pretty great day. I spent the morning working, as usual. After work, I ran a few errands. Deposited money into my bank account {always a plus to a day, eh? ;)} It was a friend's birthday {Anna, I've mentioned her before!} so I took her out to Golden Corral and we hung out and talked for several hours. That was very fun.

After that I was supposed to go play vball. There weren't enough people so the few of them left headed to Orange Leaf instead. I met them there.

Ok. You did swallow that coffee right? No chocolate in the mouth? Good.

So, they had this board on the back wall of the Orange Leaf counter of *this* guy:

Can you guess who? Well, that was the test. See, if you did, you got 3oz of frozen yogurt free....
I'm all game! Specially since one of my friends had already done it and guessed right.
Have you made your guesses already? I knew right off it was an early church leader and book writer. I'd seen that face before. I'd read his work...
Took me five minutes of silence, watching my friends play checkers, scrambling my mind. At first, I thought, it's Charles Spurgeon. But he looks WAY different. I couldn't bring myself to guess that.

 ^^Charles Spurgeon....
So yeah, I finally did it. Just blurted out a name. And it was the right one!!!!
My friend who had already guessed it {his name is Micah, he's Jonnah and Rae's brother} said, "yep, that's him!!!"
Great! Awesome! I just won 3oz of frozen yogurt. Well, we were still waiting on a friend, so we didn't go get our yogurt yet...... Just sat, visited... Then she came in, we talked some more. We also asked her if she could guess who it was! She thought for a little bit, but didn't figure it out.
I filled my Orange Leaf cup with Orange and Pineapple frozen yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi. Went up the pay.
My friend who came in late asked me, "ok, so who is it!!"
And I stared at her.
And stared at her.
And licked my lips.
Yum...that frozen yogurt looked good.
My mind went completely blank. Like, literally, it was empty. You know, TEN SECONDS EARLIER I KNEW WHO THAT MAN WAS.
Yep, it was gone. I stood there, in front of my friends.
And laughed. And laughed again....
It was gone.
My oh me..... the cashier asked me if I wanted clues. I said, "NOOOOO, I KNOW WHO IT IS!!!" She gave me the first letter of the first and last name anyways. Nothing. Yikes, I was in deep waters. I even shouted Charles' name to the world. Even though I knew it wasn't him. Yeah. LOL. I kept laughing.
About 3 minutes later, it came back.
John Calvin.
Yep. The man one of the churches we visited for about a year was absolutely OBSESSED with. The man I've read about in history for years. The man who has several books that I have read....
No, I was NOT born blonde.
Ok, you can go back to drinking your coffee and eating your chocolate.
Only I'd much rather have raspberry {or MINT!!} tea and a good bowl of fruit. :D



  1. Hahahaha, i hate when your brain does that to you! i call them brain farts. so lady like, i know. it's obnoxious.
    soo, you ended up getting that yogurt free? hehe. good story. :))

    1. Haha!!! That's hilarious! Yep, sure did!! :D :D

  2. Congratulations on winning the free frozen yogurt! Yum!

  3. I know who he is too, but when I saw the picture I was blank as well. It is a pain, when you have to know who someone is, who you know, but can't place.


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