Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To be honest...

When I was a kiddo, I struggled with lying. Protecting myself against accusation, pain, the stuff I'd done wrong.

You know.

WHO ate the last piece of candy?

Why is that dirty?

How come the -- is gone?

Well, whatever it was...it wasn't me.

I guess you could say it was my greatest fear, to be found in the wrong.

Anyhow, I had to learn the hard way a lot of times that lying doesn't pay. You will be found out and yikes, when you are, it's nooooooooo fun. :P

So, just a reminder, because even now, I have to stop to keep the old habit from coming back, to be honest. Always.

Ok, new topic. ;)

A drawing!! I did this one a long time back {well, July, anyways}. But I forgot to post it, so I figured I would now!!

That one was for my lovely friend Grace!!!! The letters went crooked... :P She put it up in her office. :D She works for a missions that travels worldwide!!!

Ok. And then I did this one last month. For my friend Jonnah! The camera did some bizarre things with it when I took the pic...but oh well. ;)

Life's been pretty crazy. A lot of soccer. Volleyball. Good talks with friends. People getting married. Engaged. Having babies. You know. Life. Crazy. Yeah.

Anyhow, I'm in the mood for a laugh. :D

So laugh.

I love this!!!
Ta ta lovelies!!


  1. So true about lying. keep working on it and you'll see you can overcome it someday. Good luck!

    Funny pics LOL!!!! And I love the second drawing, so awesome!

    1. Thanks! Yeps. It's just something to be aware of and pray about and bite my tongue. :D

      Haha! Yeah! And thanks! :D

  2. Love love love those drawings - I am in awe of that map of the world! O.o

    As for the lying thing, I totally know what you mean.

    ~Emily wishingiwasnorthern.blogspot.co.uk :D


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