Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Piecing Noni together

About a month ago, I drew Noni from On a String... It's kind of scary, drawing someone you actually know. ;)

Aaaaaand....I decided....sort do something crazy. Well, I was crazy once. This, I think, is just mad hatter.

But whatever.

Let's start over.

Guys, I drew a picture! Of my beautiful friend Noni {I call her by her real name, but most of you know her as Noni}. For fun, I thought it'd be neat to post step by step pictures of how it progressed! You can let me know what you think! ;)


Well, there you have it!
TTFN ta, ta for now!

P.S. There is this super giveaway going on at a friends blog. You should seriously check it out. But don't do it. Cause I wanna win. ;)


I guess I should give you the link...


  1. That's really cool! It's really interesting to see other people's drawing processes. I usually draw the inside features before the outer edges of the face, so that's really interesting to see it different. I might try it sometime, since your pictures are so cool. :)


    That's really, really good. Grrrr.


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