Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Want...

It takes only a second for me to laugh at myself.

All these promises. So many hopes and dreams. Hmmm...


I've discovered I'm mortal. No matter how much I try, things don't always end up the way I want them to. But I've discovered something else.

That's ok!

I was thinking the other day about how many things I long to do with myself. I wish I could go see the world. I want to be a deep sea diver. I want to explore the Himalayas. I want to see all the old places, the new places, every place.  I want to draw. I want to make a difference. I want to study ancient cultures, understand who they were and what they did and WHY? I want to marry. I want to be a treasure hunter. I want to change the world. I want to serve my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul and strength and mind. I want to see Northern Lights. I want to raise children. I want to write. I want to run a marathon. I want to sing. I want to marry the president. I want to take a safari in Africa. I want to see the old Incan and Mayan temples in South and Central America. I want to be an archeologist. I want to be a teacher. I want to help people in need.........

Ok, I think you are beginning to get the picture.

But I only have one life.

And it is dedicated to God.

Mommy says I'm an over achiever. Daddy says I have passion. I guess I'm just ambitious. And a dreamer. But all I know is I want something, something more, something great, from this life.

And I haven't found it yet.

But I know I will.

In other news, I was presented the Liebster Award a while back, never got around to it, so I'll finish it now!

There's lots of fancy rules, but most of these awards are pretty repetitive and long-winded {plus, I certainly gave 11 random facts about me up there^^}. So I'm just going to answer the questions my friend Cat from The World Crafter gave me.

1) What fandom do you "belong" to?

Yeesh! Right off the bat!?

Well, you probably won't like this.

I don't "fangirl".

NOT because I don't appreciate great films, superb acting, or handsome/beautiful faces.

I don't fangirl because I feel there is a principal missing there. Just think for a second. What is all this raving about? The screaming, passion, ogling? It's almost like a sort of worship.

Ok, perhaps that's a bit strong. But you can probably get my drift. Fangirling is a way for girls to "innocently" fill their minds with "hot" men and other realities. They can waste spend their time devouring their dreams of meeting so-and-so or seeing such-and-such episode. Life is meant for so much more!

There is only one man I will ever "fangirl" about.

And that's Jesus.

He's the only one worth all that fuss. He's the only one who deserves my praise. He's the only one I want to waste my time on. And I honestly don't think He'd want me screaming myself hoarse over Him the way most fangirls do about their crushes and programs anyway. That mental picture is just a wee bit disturbing.

I'm not saying all those programs and such are not worth watching or evil {though some of them may be, just being honest}. Your conscience can make that call. But you won't ever catch me "fangirling" over them. They are, after all, just SHOWS. A really great screenwriter's manipulation of human emotion plopped into a creative storyline designed just to suck the life out of teenage girls.
Ok, that was dramatic. Haha! ;)

Don't kill me, eh?

2) Would you fight to the death someone who bashes one of you favorite characters?

Most likely not. They are entitled to their opinion just as I am to mine. Of course, if they are bashing character and integrity, I would stand up for it. But a fight to the death? Did you see my list of life goals up there. I can't die yet! Hehe....

3) Would you use daggers for subtlety or swords for an all-out "COME AT ME BRO!" battle?

Actually, I would be most likely to do both. Start with that big sword, catch them off guard, and finish it with a dagger. I've read too many Henty books. Plus, I have always been pretty deceitful. It's the one thing I despise about my own character. Yikes. I just owned that?!

4) What do you do when someone tells you that you have pepper in your teeth?

L.O.L. and then go and get it out. :D

5) To you, what's more awesome....climbing trees or writing stories?

MORE awesome? If there had to be a decision, I would say writing. But I LOVE to climb trees, so.....

6) Have you ever secretly wished you were a unicorn?
7) When you drink tea, do you prefer a mug or a bone china cup?
Ooooh! I love both! Sometimes, like when it's raining, just a mug and a good book or friend is great. But I love taking out my real china set and making a cup of tea and sipping it and watching the sun go down. {When I never have time.}
8) What's your opinion on Alka-Seltzer?
I've never had to use it. :P
9) If you are an Agents of SHIELD fan, or a Marvel fan, or just a superhero fan, which agent/superhero do you think you'd be?
Well, as aforementioned, I'm not a "fan", per sey, but I do enjoy Marvel very much! Which one do I think I'd be? Good question. I'd love to say I'm like Captain America. But I'm probably much more like Bruce Banner - awkward. And in the way. And out of place. Except, without the temper tantrums. lol
10) Do you have a lucky number?
Haha!! Ok, this is silly. I actually do! And it's 13.
11) WHY do you have a lucky number?!
:D My logic is this. Whenever anyone asks you to pick a number between 1 and 20, they always select 13 in their head. Because it's "supposed" to be unlucky, right? So who would pick it? But because they "think" no one would pick it, I pick it. And it's usually right. Kinda uncanny, right?!
So there is that. Thanks Cat!!
If anyone else wants to answer her questions as mine, go ahead! Consider yourselves nominated. ;)


  1. God gave you passions for a reason and He will show you which He wants you to pursue. And it will be the best thing for you and something you will love 8-D

    1. Thanks, Jack!! I look forward to finding out what they are! :D


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