Friday, June 21, 2013

We went on an Adventure!!!

There is really so much I could say about today... But I'll just tell you the story in pictures. I like to do that {if you hadn't already noticed}.

Today dawned, blue skies, sunshiny, with little puffy clouds like dandelion seeds floating in the sky...

Then this happened:
The game is on, the pieces are moving. It is a struggle for mastery to the bitter end...
Thumbs up to awesomeness, eh?!?!
We build a sand castle. Er, Anna did. I tried not to laugh.
The struggle continued... I did not win.
 I have so many other pictures I could share. Of us swimming and playing. We had a sand fight, which did not get photographed {for some obvious strange reason}. And we got sunburned. Which is novel. I NEVER get sunburned. Especially in the middle of summer. But normally, I am out in our pool almost every day. This year, we did not get to open it because hail destroyed the liner... So I have been in the sun but not the water. And there is a HUGE difference. Who knew? My skin, I guess... LOL.
I look like a lobster. A very girlish lobster, but a lobster nonetheless.
I hope I don't peel :P That is nasty.
Better head to bed, I have to work in the morning.
Night, lovelies!


  1. Oh goodness that looks fun! We went to James River yesterday and my back and legs are so burnt! I am not as bad as Rachel though. She is in pain. :D

  2. That looks like so much fun!!

    Just um... was is the yellow balloon thing?

    And I just wanted to comment, that I LOVE your swim suits. It's nice to see that other people besides my family wear shorts and tank tops. :D

    1. Yes!!!!!

      Hahaha.... It is a giant packaging device. Yep. We turned it into a giant water toy.

      Thanks! Me too! LOL. Yeah, it's refreshing, eh!?

  3. SO cool! And lots of fun! I'm totally jealous now (I'm like in a thick jumper, in bed, under all my quilts). OH SUMMER HOW I MISS THEE. XD

    1. Ah... But YOU had sun when I was trudging through snow. So I guess we can be even. ;) Haha....

  4. LOL, I was going to say exactly what Treskie said. It's so refreshing seeing other people in shorts and tank tops when they go swimming!

    I'm aggrieved with the weather right now. It's doing this raining thing, which is good for getting rid of pollen, but it's a cold rain, so the lake is not fun to swim in. I'm hoping by the middle of next week, I'll be able to lasso my wee sisters into going swimming with me. I love swimming so much!

    Who is the photographer in your family? That one epic picture where she's tossing her hair back and creating that perfect water arc is amazing!!!

    1. Aw, thanks!!! I agree!!!!

      Oh, that's no fun! :P I'll scold it for you, eh?! You rope 'em tight. :D

      I am. But the pics where I am obviously not taking them were by my friend, Anna. Then the ones where all four of us girls are in them were taken by her Mum. I LOVE pictures. Not that I've ever said that before. ;) And isn't it! Sooo much fun!


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