Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picture Monday

Well, this was going to go up Monday...

But my Internet got shut off.

And then it wouldn't work all day yesterday...

So it is going up today. :D (Don't you just love technology.)

This was the group I hung out with Friday evening. We had an awesome time!!! Only, one of my best friends left just before the picture was taken... :(

Saturday we had a BUNCH of people over to play volleyball, soccer, and have fun around the campfire. This was one of the teams...we smoked both games we played, and we were playing really good teams. Just saying...we were on the ball. (Teehee...)
This was Sunday night. I don't have any other pics of that day, but I think this one covers it. It NN, with marshmellow all over her. It was a joke... we couldn't stop laughing all night. Just for fun, we bought a bag of those HUGE marshmellows and she stuck a whole roasted one in her mouth....
Ahem, anyway, this is really short cause I have to go now... Hope to be back soon....


  1. ooh, that looks fun. :) I don't think I would have been there though, I get a little shy when I'm with more than 7 people. O_o

    1. Hahahahahahah!!! It was great fun!!! I guess that's when I am glad I am not shy at all!!! :D

    2. you're lucky. :) Outgoing people might have more fun in a friendly way, but shy people do a lot of fun stuff at home. By themselves. All alone. We're happier that way.

      but it makes the idea of getting a job kind of terrifying. LOL.

      God bless!

  2. I know what you mean Treskie! I get shy when there's more then...ah, 3 people (and I'm not related to them) :P But it looks like it was a HEAP of fun, Caitria!! Love it when you do pictures like this. ;)

    1. LOL!!! But people are awesome!!!
      Yes, it was incredible!!!! I'm glad you do! It makes my putting them up sound more logical, lol!!!! :D


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