Thursday, September 27, 2012


There has been a lot going through my mind the last few days.

Dreams, plans, ideas....

I've been trying to sort them all out, but that just doesn't seem to happen all too easily for me.

So my head is a muddle of thoughts.

But one came through steady and clear all week long.

I want to start a blog for writing.

I don't like how I mix my posts about writing and life and randomness and everything else in the world.

Writing is different. It is totally different.

A part of me that can't be shared or second rate to anything else.

So I have started a new blog.

Here is the link to it: Stories in the Mind.

Inspiration: that's what that blog is. And I hope a bit of God shining through too.

May it give him glory in the long run.

But anyway, just dreaming and thinking today....



  1. Oo, so you did it?! TWO blogs. Way to go (well, technically 3, including TWiG). Lots of writing and blogging ahead of you, eh? Can't wait. ;)

    1. Deep breath... deep breath. Yep. I did. (Duh.. it IS an ironic day for me. :D)


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