Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stuff and Giveaway

{Written Thursday}

Interesting day, to say the least.... Someday, there will be a pic to explain why...when I can upload pics again. For now....I don't want to talk about it, lol!!!! {Those of you who will see me tomorrow will know why...}

Also, I am hosting a giveaway on my other blog. The link is HERE.

I went to Walmart today and printed a ton of pics for my new cork board in my room that I got for my birthday that I FINALLY got up on the wall. It is really pretty. I printed a bunch of pics of friends and family and stuff and it looks awesome. {Speaking of which, Jonnah, I need a cool pic of you. Please send me one, eh?} Another thing that I will show you....once my pics are uploading again. Unless I feel the urge to put it up on Pinterest. Which, I suppose, I could..... Naaa... I'll wait till later.

Well, small post to say the least, but a post nonetheless. I really want to try and figure out what happened to blogger..... It makes me feel sad. LOL!

Make (or remake) yourself

{Written Saturday}

Ah, how life can change in a matter of moments... Good, bad, it all comes and goes. And it made me realize something. That all my petty emotions are part of a bigger plot to create the life God wants me to have. And that is a comforting thought {said like Gandalf}.

All things are meant to be. And that makes me soooooo happy I could cry.

Friday was awesome, awesome, awesome. Spent almost all day playing volley ball and hanging out with amazing friends. In choir I am a teacher now and that is really cool cause people ask me what to do and I get to answer like I am really important. ;) Well, at least it makes me feel really important, lol!!!!!

Not much to this post, but I need to get off here now!!! Eeesh, I wish I could upload some of my pics!!!!



  1. I saw your board when I was hanging out is your room last week.... I *LOVE* it! Every one in there was admiring it! <3

    I don't like pictures of me! But if you insist... i will e-mail you some. :-) You can send me your e-mail address in a p.m. on Goodreads or Facebook. :-)

    1. Yay!!! I will do that! Thanks so much! I found one of Rae on Fb that I LOVED. It's soooo cute. But there weren't really of you. This way, you get to chose anyway, lol!!!! :D

  2. Urf, I can't wait to see some pics of your board. Come on Blogger, be nice! xD

  3. Hello : )

    There is something I like to ask you regarding The Lord of The Rings films. What do you think of Elijah Wood's portrayal of Frodo Baggins?

    My reason for asking is because I've noticed the way people tend to compare Bilbo Baggins (from The Hobbit) to Frodo Baggins. While they praise Bilbo for his charm and bravery they then call Frodo a boring, moody, pathetic character who had no development at all.

    I never saw that though! I think Frodo was the most courageous character in the story! He is the ultimate literary Christ figure (second to Aslan of course) and what he was doing was far from enjoyable. The Ring was killing him the closer he got to Mount Doom and was literally destroying his soul

    So, I would just like your opinion on Frodo Baggins from the movies and how he compares to Bilbo.


    (Sorry this is so long)

    1. Hmmmmmm. My first response is... WHO ON EARTH IS SAYING THAT!!! All of my friends and I love both LotR AND the Hobbit. And we recognize that you CANNOT compare Bilbo and Frodo.

      First off, Bilbo is lighthearted, quirky, fun, and kinda runs around in his own little world. It makes for a great comic film with laughable moments and just a hint of the evil to come in LotR's. He is not supposed to be strongwilled and purposeful.

      Frodo, on the other hand, is very different. There's a strength of character and purpsoe about him that, even though he is such a little person, you have to admire because he doesn't let it stop him. He is scared. He is even weak. But he is real and relatable bcasue of that. No one is perfect or undefeatable. And we all fall prey. Even Bilbo did. Actually, Bilbo did very much. And as for Frodo having no personality, I suppose that must just be a lack of abibility on some people's part to recognize the different people {or Hobbit} types out there. No two people are the same.

      As far as the movies go, Bilbo was supposed to be lighthearted and charming. Frodo was supposed to be messed up and striving for something impossible. That very difference effects their personalities. LotR's is all about defeating evil. The Hobbit is not. No one should try to make it so. And no one should try to make LotR's try to be light. That is not the point. They are two different movies and should be.

      Well, I hope I kind of answered your question there, lol! Let me know if not... Anymore questions?

      My apologies if there are typos here... :D

  4. This is exactly the answer I was looking for! Thank you so so much! I've never read the books, so I needed some expert advice on it. I asked Cait and Mimi over at Notebook Sisters and they gave me some wonderful answers as well.

    I'm going to be writing a post about this issue soon and I'll be using the answers you gave me, as well as my own personal opinions.

    Thanks again : )

    There is another question too...In The Hobbit, Bilbo used the One Ring, in a sense for good, like when he was busting the dwarves out of the elvish prison.

    Yet the Ring is an absolute why would Tolkien write about something that was the embodiment of evil, but also use it as a tool for good? Am I just reading too much into it?


    1. Oh, good! Aw, yeah, I've read them all, The Hobbit three times.

      Go ahead. You can link back to me if you'd like.

      Bilbo didn't know it was the one ring. He just knew it made him invisible. Whether or not that is good or just happened. I'm not sure it had a point at all, lol! I'd definitely want to get into Tolkien's head before I said anything about that.....

  5. You could try picketing blogger and seeing if that works. Not sure what you could threaten it with though...


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