Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life, jazz, God, and stuff

Sweet pie, I'm happy!

I'm not sure why.

Well, actually, I do know why.

But that is top secret.

Anyhow, I went and helped out with a friends' soccer team today. It is co-coached by one of my team members and almost all the girls on it are my friends too {it is a high school team}. It was super fun.

This is a pic of me and another of my team mates {who also helped out today}.

Ok, test. Who am I?

Obviously, dear friends who know me.....don't answer. LOL!

-_* {I discovered this winking guy and love him so much!}

This week has been really good for me.

I've spent so much time in prayer and meditation and reading God's word. I feel in tune with Him right now and that is sooooooo amazing.

I went through a really rough period of life for about six years. I was alone. I felt unloved. Unwanted. And utterly forgotten.

We had moved 2,000 miles away from everyone and everything I had ever known, to a place so completely remote of what I knew....I couldn't even find my way to the grocery store.

I was broken.

And slowly, I began to bond to Christ, my one and only consolation. I found my solace in Him. I found the power to face life.

It wasn't like, all of a sudden I leaped into His arms and everything was ok.

But over time, I was strengthened. Some of the ice melted from my heart. The hardness broke away from my soul.

I felt free.

And, just as slowly, God began to bring people into my life. One by one, they knocked over my walls, my trust issues, and friends.

Real friends.

It's not a permanent fix. Aw, we all know we are just human. But whenever the trials, the doubts, the fears rise up, I just think about Him and it all becomes so meaningless, so powerless, so empty.

What are these minuscule troubles of life in the glint of eternity after all?

What are these petty squabbles and simple disagreements all about? Who cares? In an hour, in a day, in a month, in ten years.....who will remember and what will it matter.

Life, love, truth. THESE are the things that will be remembered.

So invest in them.

And that kind of changed my life. Not just because God began to fix it. But because He fixed me. And I let Him. That is the key. You have to let Him, let Him take over. Forever.

And it will hurt.

But then it will change.

And YOU will change.


Pinned Image

A very dear friend sent this to me today. She made my year today, by agreeing to be my Olympic Challenge Buddy {found HERE}. I am soooooooo super excited. She now knows more about me than most people. Which is scary and awesome. I don't open up my heart to a lot of people. Really. Though it seems that I do. I have to her. And I feel safe. Which is also awesome.

So, here is an encouraging thought for all of you.

It can be fixed.

Life will never always be perfect. We live in a fallen world. Satan broke in and destroyed the beautiful perfection God created. But, God is here to help us survive it. We messed up. But He never left us. It is not just happenstance that keeps us afloat.

And it is not just happenstance that when I gave everything to him, surrendered it all, and told Him that I would take whatever He gave....that things finally began to fall into place.

So have faith, trust in Him, and wait for that moment. Because it will come.

He promises that.

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! That makes me uber happy. I can't wait to see what kind of day it will be. I hope a good one. I have doubts. It snowed here today.... :P I hate snow. Don't kill me. It's just about the only thing I hate.

But it's wet, and cold, and *shivers*, I don't like it.

I like hot. Really hot. Pretty sure I could move to Africa and be happy.

Well, not really, unless my whole world moved with me, but in theory, I'm prepared to be happy in Africa. ;)

I hope you all have a glorious evening!!! ;)



  1. Hey, Crazy Straw. You're one amazing girl. <3
    I've never, ever, read a blog post and almost cried.
    But for reals, I teared up and I know that we're 4hrs apart and have only met about 4 times, but you already mean so much to me.

    1. Hey, special friend. You too. And I never said that so seriously before.
      Awwwwww....... I'm so glad. Because you mean a ton to me to. Evidenced by things you know. ;) Thank you so much for being my friend!!!! I can't wait till we get to SEE each other too. Eeeek! How much BETTER could this friendship get, eh? <3 <3 <3 Love you!!!

  2. Oh good, you hate snow too. I feel like such a terrible person, because I'm one of the only people in my family who really truly LOATHES the vile stuff.

    This was such a lovely post. Your nice winking guy seems like a very happy person to have around. How do you make it? Dash, underscore, asterisk? Hang on...



    1. It is vile. :P Blah!!

      Thank you!!! Oh yes, he is!!!! 'Tis why I love him so much!!! -_*

      You've got it!!!!

  3. Marvellous post! Big snuggles of YAY and happiness from me over here. Hanging on grimly in the dark moments isn't always easy - speaking from the perspective of someone who's appointed themselves official Happy Maker for Hordes of Upset Friends these past few days, as well as dealing with overload of schoolwork et al - but sometimes you just need to be your own pillar. Hang onto what gives you strength. Don't tell God how big your storm is - tell the storm how big your God is.

    Though I will take you to accounts over your love of heat. I'm the spawn of Dracula on that front - I melt in anything nearing 20 degrees celsius, lol. And I like snow. Because I can ski in it and throw it at people *grins*

    1. Awww.... Big hugs for you, Happy Maker. I know how that is. Tiring. But fulfilling. Yes? Exactly!!! I like that a lot Charley!!!

      Haha!!!! Well, ok. It's a good thing the basis of our friendship is not on whether or not we can survive in the same temperature. ;)
      Now...the throwing it at people....yes....I think I could forgive it some of its horror because of that one great fact. :D

  4. URG! I hate cold. Cold makes me cranky. I like chilly.... SOMETIMES. But we get so much winter here, I just get really tired of it... really fast. :)

    I can't imagine moving 2000 miles from everything I know. I would possibly curl up into a fetal position and cry. (I can almost see me moving to Scotland... but only because I felt right at home there and I have a very lovely friend there... but in actuality, I'm too much of a coward and I HATE change. So much.)

    Good post, Caitria. :)

    1. Yep. Winter is sad... :(

      I did cry. For days on end. But in the end, I don't regret it one bit. Not one. In fact, I thank God He tore me from what I knew and brought me here. Because I love it. So much. But yeah, it was scary. And tough. For years.

      Thanks! :D

  5. This was a beautiful post, Darling<3 Isn't it amazing, the path that He takes us on so that we can know Him deeper than we ever would have otherwise? Isn't HE just so amazing?!?! I feel so incredibly blessed to call you one of my bestest friends! ;) I LOVE YOU!!! (and don't you dare forget it!) <3 <3 <3

    1. YES!!!!!! It is so amazing I could cry! It is why I thank Him so much for making me and giving me my friends and my family and my life. Because He is SOOOO amazing!!!
      Awwwwww!!!! And I am more blessed to be YOUR friend, dear. I won't. {You're making me tear up here, Grace!} I love you too. Oodles and oodles. Forever and ever.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful post! :D So encouraging. Thanks.

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for the comment! :D


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