Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey, stranger...

Oh yeah, that would be me...

Well. I am back.

That is exciting. And terribly scary, because it means that 2012 is gone and 2013 is here!!! Oh...........

Ok, I'm ok now.... :P

Anyway, recap of my last month.

It was...interesting. Some good. Some bad.

I turned 19 on the 18th of December. That was a strange moment in time. I am getting so old. {hehe...}

My Grandmother from Oregon flew out and stayed with us for 8 days, which was fun. And she was here for my birthday.

I went to a couple fun parties at different friends houses and had fun at our end of the year performance for Choir and Orchestra.

But, the highlight of my month was going to see the Hobbit and Les Miserables.

They. Were. Awesome.



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

{Les Miserables}

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End of story.

I haven't much to say. This post isn't going to ramble on about my life. I am learning {or maybe just deciding} that too many words are not so good. I have a tendancy of saying too much and too little. {Meaning what I say is absolutely pointless.} At least, to certian people. I have a few {a VERY few} friends to whom I can open up to. Really and truly. And then I am me. Really and truly. Very few people know who that is. But I am trying to let her out. I am tired of being someone for everyone else. I am ready to be myself all the time. So that is my one and only New Year's Resolution. To be me.


So, anyway. Here's to a New Year!



  1. Yay for being you, cos I like you.
    I *loved* the Hobbit, Bilbo was my favorite ever.
    And I've yet to see Les Miserables, but I really want to! :)

    1. Yeah...hard stuff, that!! But thanks!
      It was soooooooo good!!!! :D Les Mis was awesome. Let me know when you see it!!!

  2. I like your resolution. :) Good going. You can do it!
    Oh, The Hobbit! Brilliant. Really, really good. But you've probably picked that up from the excessive rambling over on our blog, eh? ;)
    I like this blog (as well as your other one...of course!) a lot, so happy to see it's back as well!

    1. Awww, thank you!! I hope so!!!
      Haha, yes!!!!!!
      Yay!! I'm glad too! It will be nice to be back. :D

  3. Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean by being yourself.... I have precisely two best friends and one lives pretty far away, and they're really the only people besides my family and my adopted brother. (Whom I really shouldn't count because he's on a totally different continent.) It's hard opening up to people, isn't it!?!?

    1. No kidding!!! And I'm a "talkative" person. But when it comes to the heart, well...let's not go there.
      Which is strange, cause I LIKE to talk about meaningful things. But if someone else is not willing...well, it makes it hard. And I want a relationship to go both ways.

  4. I've been suffering misery at the hands of authors and movie directors, I hope they are happy. But, I saw Les Miserables last night and LOVED it, though it made me bawl. (The importance behind this is that I NEVER cry in movies or books. I don't even tear up. But I was bawling nearly through all of Les Miserables. And even The Hobbit can choke me up because of the knowledge of you know whos dying. I think I need to crawl back into my hole and have another cry.)

    1. Awwww!!!! But, isn't it amazing!!!! ME TOO!!! I'm sensative, very much so, but have made myself control my emotions...a bit oo much...and Les Miserables just broke me down.
      I KNOW!!!!!! I don't want to see that last movie. Wait, what did I just say!!! Of course I want to see the last movie.... Errr...... It's going to be good though!


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