Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't Forget!!!!

The Photo Challenge will begin Wednesday, May 1st. Don't forget to spread the word. The more people involved, the more fun this will be!!! Tell your friends, distant relatives, maybe even a few enemies.... ~_*

For those of you who did not see the original post, here are the rules for entering!!


1. be a follower of My Unicorn Has Wings. {how cliché is that, eh? but hey, some things ought to be. ~_*}
2. post your photo's to your blog and make sure you identify that it is for the challenge!!
3. have tons and tons of fun
4. all photo's must be originals that YOU took FOR the challenge
5. please, make sure you send me your link to your blog and the picture so that I can MAKE sure and get them!!

The categories are super fun!!

1: a bridge. hopefully a cool one. if not, any ol' bridge will do.

2: something purple. because that is my favorite color. and I want to see lots of it. :D {hehe}

3: your pet {don't have one? borrow one.}
4: you and a book. any way you want it. just a picture of you and a book {or two, or three, or 300.}

5: happiness in a jar. you know. could be anything. as long as it's in a jar. maybe chocolate. or jellybeans. or socks. whatever.

6: sunshine. be creative. portray it in a new light. {yes, that was a pun.} find something cool.

I can't wait to see all the awesome pictures. My judging team {to be revealed later} is going to have so much fun!! :D

There will be a prize too! The winner will receive an original drawing by me of one of their pictures {their pick}.

{Samples of my drawings? Check here and here and here.}

The first picture is due May 1st - May 5th.

:D Have fun!!!! I sure will.



  1. So do you have to take a picture of all of the categories? Not sure I can make this though... :(

    1. Yep! Ah, I hope you can!!!!!!!!! That would be awesome!

  2. I'm rubbish at photo taking, so I sent the link to my sister, she'll prolly be interested. :D


    1. Haha, whatever... ;) but thanks for sending it along!! :D

  3. That's cool. :) I shall watch in interest as all the pics are posted.


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