Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Artwork and Baby's!!!! (Those are totally unrelated)

Ok, I am not nearly as good as I wish to be...
But here are a bunch of the drawings I have done in the last two months.
I need more photo's of really cute things.
I like to draw off of pics.

Had to check copyright laws to post this one!!!

Gavin Hamp. He is adorable!!!

I posted this pic a while back. My drawing is nothing to it....

I am practicing silhouettes right now.
This pic looks washed out on the right....

<3 And today my Aunt Christy had her baby!!!! <3
It is a sweet little girl they named Olivia Grace.
I am so honored because my middle name means Grace!!!!
I haven't seen any pics of her yet.
I want to hold her so badly.
But she is in Oregon......................

As soon as I can, I will put a pic of her on here!!!!!!!

~ Caitria Karis (aka Pure Grace)


  1. wow!! i'm impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me, hehe. ;)
    keep up the good work!! :D

    1. LOL, thanks! I love to draw! :D It's fun.

  2. Okay. Those are amazing! I think my favorite is the ship. The loin is beautiful, Gavin is adorable, Audrey is stunning, the elephants are very good, and the silhouette is awesome! :-D

    1. Thank you, darling!!!!!!! My favorite is the ship too!!! <3 <3

  3. Oh. My. Are you kidding me?!! You're amazing! You're fabulous! You're brilliant! (Yeah, granted this is coming from a girl who draws in stick-figures...) But still! This is NOT what I imagined when you said you "weren't really good" at drawing. Rubbish. You're amazing! (Okay, I'll just step back and calm down now..)

    :) Awesome work.

    1. Haha!! Thanks so much! Perhaps it's because I can imagine in my head sooooo much more.... and it NEVER reaches the page. I put the lead down... and blah, it's awful.

      But regardless, I'm glad you liked them!!! :D LOL, you are the best. I don't know what I look forward to more, looking at YOUR blog or waiting for your comments on mine. ^_^

  4. This is my favourite post for 2012, because your drawing is absolutely awesome. I mean... wow. You are really, really talented. :)

  5. You are truly an amazing artist! The best I've seen. :)


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