Thursday, November 29, 2012

In which I return to say goodbye...

Before going any further....let me apologize for having been neglect the last few weeks. It is not entirely my fault. We've had little or no internet for the last week, but I still don't like leaving you all in the dark. So, please accept my plea for forgiveness. :)

My last few weeks have been busy, exciting, and full of fun and laughter. I wont walk through them, but just say that I enjoyed them very much. Spending time with some of my favorite people in the world constitues and a GREAT day, and I had several of them.

I have some lovely pics I have taken to share with you all though!!

Taken just before the weather froze on our road...

The first frost.
This is my kitty Butter. He loves us so much he sits in the window and watches us live life. He's sooooooooo cute!!!

The pink sunset coming home from town on Tuesday!

Random shot from Tuesday too.
And some drawings I've done in the last couple months!!!!!!!



And here are some pics of my growing pups!!!
When Silver graduated puppy class.....

When Tizona graduated puppy class (last night....)
(And that's my friend Tamara with her little puppy Darby beside me!)

So, there is that, and now I am off to try and catch up on everyone's blogs becasue of my internet crisis!!!!!!!!

Also, some news.

For the month of December, this blog is going to rest carefully on the shelf so I can concentrate on getting my books done and working on my other blog, Stories in the Mind (link at the top of the page). I will be back in the new year!!!!!! I will *hopefully* still hold the Be Yourself linkup becasue I just copy and paste the same words, but we'll see.


Have fun everyone!



  1. Hi stranger! How's life? xD

    Aww, such cute puppies you have (though are the technically still *puppies* if they've graduated school?! O.o) And I LOVE those drawings. Why is it that some people are talented in so many things? Not. Fair. But I digress. I will miss posts on this blog...but I love the Stories blog too!! Ah, but you're fun.

  2. I love those pictures! You are so good at drawing!

    :-( We will miss you on the bloggy world! I am glad that I still get to see you on Fridays though! <3 See you tomorrow! <3

  3. Welcome back and good bye?

    I shall miss reading your blog, but I plan to read your other now as well. You are one of my favouritest bloggers.

    Looks like you've been having fun though! That is good!

  4. Gorgeous drawings! You're so good . . . *stares and drools at the silhouette one*

    Hehe, will be keeping up with you over on the writerly blog certainly! Looking forward to seeing you there :)


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