Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 2, Photo 2

Yep, it is the 6th!! Which means it is time for picture 2. Now, of course, I am going to have to break one of my own rules...

But at least I have a good reason.

My brother's iphone broke this week. Or rather, the LED light did. So he took my iphone because he has to have a phone for school and we had his fixed....

I'm fine with that. He gave the iphone to me for free anyhow.

Only one problem with that.

My iphone is my camera.

So....yeah. I had no camera for the last four days. And of course, here I was, creating rules that you must take the picture FOR the challenge...and yeah, I can't.

So I am going to upload an old pic of mine to now...and take a new one tomorrow. Because I get my iphone back tonight {but too late to post}...

So here is the picture!!!

And you can expect a real picture tomorrow. :D This one just fit so well either way, that it is a good substitute for now. :D
Looking forward to seeing if anyone else joins!!! :D

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