Sunday, May 12, 2013

a little bit of something

First off, the Photo Challenge is hitting it off participant. But hey, that's all good! Jonnah will be sure to win the prize at this rate! Thankfully for all of you, you can join at any point {though the judges are more likely to appreciate a good selection of pics, so you better get the film rolling}.

And yes...the judges.

They are two of them. And I figure now is as good a time as ever to introduce you to them!!! They are both very dear friends of mine and both appreciate photo beauty.

The first is my dear friend and neighbor, Lauren!!! We are co-workers and best friends!! {I must clarify that I have LOTS of best friends. I am very blessed. Extraordinarily so.}


{She is simply a beauty, is she not!!!} She is a very skilled photographer {though she would never say it herself} and appreciates beauty in all things.

And Brisa!!!

Brisa is my sister, one of my best friends, and such a blessing to me. I love her sooooooo much. She is the one I go on walks with and talk for hours to. She knows every little thing about me. Literally. All my flaws. All my hopes and dreams. All my desires. Yep. You want to know something about me? Go ask Brisa. She'll know. ^_^

And she also happens to be stunning. :D
I will be posting the my pic #3 {which is your pet, btw, since I forgot to mention it before... ~_*} tomorrow.
Today is Mother's Day. I could go on for hours about my mother, but I am not going to. Instead, I am simply going to tell you what I told her.
This is from a letter I wrote her today...
Today is called Mother's Day because it is the day we have set aside to commemorate mums. But I think every day is Mother's Day. I am so grateful God decided to give you to me as my Mum. I hope that I can be half as good a Mommy to my children as you are to me. You are a real example to me of a Godly women, patient, kind, cherishing.... You know everything about me. Everything. And I love that. You are not afraid to tell me the truth, encourage me, and guide me in life. I don't know what I would do without you. I am sooooo blessed to call you Mum.
This weekend we threw a surprise b-day party for another one of my best friends, Grace. {She blogs HERE, btw, and is a fantastic writer. Go look at her blog!!!} Well, it was sort of a surprise party. She arrived before some of us {including ME!!!!} even did... ;) But it was super fun anyway. I love her sooooooooooo much! She is so awesome. And loves God with all her heart. And is perfectly gorgeous.


Rachel says she is giving a creepy smile. But I say, creepy smile or not, she is such a cutie! Not everyone can pull off a creepy smile and still look so stinkin' adorable.
Also, I finished another drawing this week!! Hurrah! :D
This is it.

Tomorrow I am going to be doing an interview!!! Lacey from A Thinking Place is going to be hosted over here and she is going to interview me at her blog! Because my computer is having all sorts of picture problems right now, I am going to put up the pics I want her to use here.... For some reason my blog is the only place my comp. will allow me to upload pics. I am thankful I can at least do it here!! Neither fb nor email are working right now. :P
So, anyway, Lacey, I will try to explain where the pics belong and if you have any questions just email me. ;)
For the "my family question", all of the following pics {order at your own discretion}:

For the "sports" question:

{Me playing v-ball. You can specify I am in the purple and my sis has the ball...sorry you can't see my face. I couldn't find any anywhere of me looking at the camera. I am always with my back to it.}




{And the two mix! Volley ball with a soccer ball.}

{This pic was over a year old, truth be told. But it is the only one I could find of me playing four square. ;)}

For the "business" question:

{Two of my dogs, Silver in front, Tizona in back.}

{My other puppy, Orcrist (affectionately dubbed Pickle)} 
If you want a picture of me without doing anything goofy, just take the one of me and Grace from the top of the post!! I like that one a lot. ;)
 I think that is it. But if you want more let me know!!!! :D


  1. :) Thanks for the photos! The ones of your family seriously cracked me up!!! haha. Can't wait for our posts to go up :)

    1. No problem!!! Me either! 'Tis going to be FUN!!!! :D

  2. Awww, Caitria, you are too sweet:) <3 I'm so glad you were able to be apart of the party and thank you sososo much, it was perfect! I went home overwhelmingly thankful for the friends I have! I love you so much!
    And your drawing is beautiful!!!

    1. Hehehehe. I try. ~_* You are sosososososo welcome!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love YOU more!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thank you!! :D <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. I am sorry I am not participating in the photo challenge, but I want to finish school soon, and I'm really, truly rubbish when it comes to taking pictures.

    As for that drawing, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. You're really, really good. I am a bit jealous, actually. :-| lol

    1. Haha. That's fine. I'll forgive you this time. ;) LOL. But rubbish is often FUN!!! ;)

      LOL. Thanks. ^_^ You are fantastic though, so you don't have any reason to be. :D :D *cheesy grin*


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