Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 6, Photo 6

I am going to be quick, it is late, been a long fantastical day, and I will be joining my family to watch a movie.

Here is photo 6: sunshine. be creative. portray it in a new light. {yes, that was a pun.} find something cool.

Once again, I decided to do something atypical. ;) And my iphone added the effect of being weird and creating an epic picture all by itself.

So I give you, the moon. Which is totally sunlight, being reflected off the surface of the moon. :D

{Rather cool, eh? I think so.}

Anyway, I'll get to everyone's comments tomorrow, hopefully, and write a proper post about my epic day today!! :D


  1. It is rather cool:) I love ittt

  2. I love your blog! Wow..mine needs a ton of work haha~~~~ If you don't mind, I can use a basic run down on how to improve my site. But i love your blog and it's ideas! Very Creative~~ Thanks for the link

    1. Thanks!!! Hahaha.... They always do. :D I sure can! Where would you like me to tell you? You could email me? Or I could comment on my blog or yours with some suggestions....just let me know. :D


    My day six. :p Took me forever to get it! :D

    I love yours! Was that Thursday when it was storming?

  4. Very good! I love pictures of light.


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