Monday, June 18, 2012

mixed up


I accidentally told everyone I would be going to music camp this week.

I am NOT.

It is next week.

Now you all know.

Saturday was SOOOO much fun!

We had my Daddy's ninth graders out for a swim.

Here are a couple pics.

Before swimming!

In the pool.

We had such a blast.

We also went out of the pond with them and rowed around on the canoe.

Yesterday after church Enen and I also went and rowed on the pond.

And I came home with chiggers.


I react badly to them.

I am not allergic to almost anything.

But chiggers.

:P :P :P

Anyway, I think I will live.


Today Brisa is getting her ears pierced!!!!

We are going to the mall in a bit and going to get it done.

I will DEFINITELY post pics later!

And, just so you all know, I CAN'T WAIT until Music Camp.



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