Thursday, June 14, 2012

the new boy in town

ahem. That's me.

Yes, unofficially, I am now Daddy's helper. (since Thadden is gone)

Btw, Thadden went to Canada.

I am SUPER jealous.

And EXTREMELY glad I stayed behind.

I wouldn't have traded today for anything.

Theological discussions while building fences.

Can't get better than that!!!! <3

We are trying to keep our cows from breaking into the yard.

They think it is their own special grazing plot.

We don't.

And I had a major break through on Chapter 8 of my book today.


Here are some cute pics for randomness's sake.


So me its not even funny.

I took this awesome pic myself.
With my unbelievable camera.........that died.

Me. No more said.

No need to explain this pic. Its just LOVE. <3 <3

Hehe. Ok, signing off for now.


~ Miss Caits (the only nickname I've ever had in my life - by Grandpa Cym)


  1. Oh gosh!! That last picture with the books and chains is *so* loverly!! I wish I had those...
    I'm glad u had a fantastic day! <3

    1. Sigh, yes.....................
      Me too. :D


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