Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be Yourself linkup

It is time for the second Be Yourself linkup!!

The linkup is a chance for you to showcase your favorite blog post of the week, whether it be a rambling post of nothing at all, a commentary on the weather, a special memory you'd like to share, or a review on a movie or book. Whatever it is, bring it on over! We'd love to have you.
The only two rules I have are: keep it family friendly and please grab the linkup button to let people know you are linking up!
The linkup will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Feel free to add at least one link per blog (if you have more than one), but please only share one post of each blog that you have.
Enjoy Being Yourself!!!!!


  1. Eee! Finally got my act together and linked up with this one! :D

    1. Though maybe could you leave your links open a little longer? Pleeease?? :) If that fits in with you though!

  2. Am I too late to join? I couldn't find where to click. Which is common for me...


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