Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family is best!

It is time for an SOC linkup Sunday! I haven't done one in a very long time (and I feel super-uber bad that I haven't cause I want to). And, guess what, since it's already Sunday for Cait and Mime in Aussie, I get to post it today and not have to worry about it tomorrow (Sunday's are always bad blogging days for me...)

This week, the one-word optional prompt is: family

Now who could resist a prompt like that when they have such an awesome family themselves???? Not me. So here's a go!

The Stream:

My family is everything to me. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, where I've been, or what we're doing. They are the best. Right now, they are giving me a "leave of absence" from family duties (namely, chores, etc) because I am sick. And that right there is proof of how awesome they are. I can't explain my family. They are quirky (sometime hilariously so - no, most times hilariously so). And they have some of the wackiest strangest ideas.

Like spending the afternoon perched on top of the chicken coop staring at the sky and laughing our tongues out.

Or snuggling up in a huge comforter and writing massive word counts about dangerous journeys and sarcastic knights and bitter Britons, just for the fun of being with their bee-in-the-hive sister.

Or going late into the night watching goofy movies and sharing snacks.

You know, just, being a family. Those things that can never be replaced. Never be forgotten. Never be ignored.

Family is something special. Something important. I am so grateful to be a part of my family, with my sisters, my brothers, my Mummy, and my Daddy.

They are the best things in my life right now.

Five Minutes: STOP

Want to join the Streams of Consciousness? Here are the five simple steps!

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2. Publish! (No editing. This is rough, unrefined writing.)
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5. Stop by the other blogs and say hay!

Have fun, ya'll!!!


  1. That is SUCH a sweet stream. Really, really special. And no doubt (judging by the leave of absence while you're sick) they are an awesome bunch. I especially like the sound of the chicken coop tongue-laughing-out. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up with us caitria!!

    1. Haha! Thanks! They are! And that is the best. If you EVER get to come visit me, we will have to do it. :D

      Welcome! It was super fun!

  2. Who else could you do all those fun things with? Family is the best! Great stream--I really felt your enthusiasm!

    1. I know!!! Thanks! Appreciate the comment!

  3. Great stream! :D Ah! You put our love for our family into beautiful words! They are, after all, a big part of our own little world!

    1. Thank you!!! They are the biggest part!! And I love them soooooo much!!

  4. Your family sounds awesome! Though, I must say mine is better, just because it's mine :) Quirky, wacky ideas are the best. The snuggling up and writing about sarcastic knights and stuff sounds awesome, and it reminds me of a few instances with my older sister. I love memories like that. Lovely stream!

    1. LOL, I guess I will let you get away with that. Oh yeah! It is wonderful. Sheer fun! Thanks!

  5. Very lovely. It sounds like you have an amazing family.


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