Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Middle Earth Character and another SOC


So Ivy over at Revealed In Time posted this and I had to take the quiz. I am not at all surprised at what I turned out to be. I rather knew it was going to happen. But it was still fun taking it!!! So, without further rambling by me:
You are most like an: Elf

You have an affinity for nature and the arts, like an elf.  Your tastes are refined; you're more elegant than most, and you're discriminating about who you affiliate with.  Some say you're stuck up, but you're not ashamed that you take such good care of yourself and your family – who wouldn't want to flaunt all this?

You have an affinity for nature and the arts, like an elf. Your tastes are refined; you're more elegant than most, and you're discriminating about who you affiliate with. Some say you're stuck up, but you're not ashamed that you take such good care of yourself and your family – who wouldn't want to flaunt all this?

Flaunt! LOL, my foot. As for the other pluses...well, I'll claim none of them, but you are welcome to be the judge, lol!

It is true, I am careful about who I befriend, but I LOVE meeting new people and getting to know them. So perhaps I am a little bit different there. New people are one of my passions.

Which leads nicely (well, deliberately) into the SOC this week.

The prompt for this week is: your passion

Ready? GO!

I can't really make up my mind about what I want to stream about, so I am just going to do it about life!!! I LOVE my life, through and through. It is incredible. From awesome friends, to great books, to SEVERAL long novel's in progress (that should have been hyphenated, but I'm not allowed to go back and fix it.... :P). I have an aweseom family too, and a great relationship with God.

Life is something you can't take half-heartedly. You can't pretend it isn't there. You have to look it in the eyes and laugh at it's past. I love life. I really do! I know I'm repeating myself. That just goes to show how much I love it.

Something I love about life is music. It is a huge passion of mine. Listening to it. Creating it. It is a part of me, irremovable (a word that does not really exist).

And then there is people. Oh ho, people! Like I said above, I like meeting new people. I'm not afraid of them. I don't go bursting into peoples lives, demanding they let me into their innermost hearts, but I like to get to know them and find out what their passions are.

Also, of course, sports. Tons and tons of sports. I could play them till I drop. Actually, I have. I'm going to be playing some all day tomorrow (after church! Hurrah). It's going to be amazing. I'm also spending the day with friends.... can't get better, you know.

There's my family, too. God blessed me with an incredible family. I could ramble on about them till the cows come home (which is actually not very long cuase our cows come on call). They are so funny, and so precious. (NOT said like Gollom.)

And Jesus. He is my life. He is my passion. He is my heart and soul and EVERYTHING. The end. I can't tell you how mych my life is determined by him, how much is made up of him and how much I love him. I can't even try. (You'll have to use your imagination. Get out your thinker now.)

I love being hyper. I control myself most of the time. REally a lot. Even though inside of me is jumping like a silly school girl. Which I am not anymore. Craziness is my middle name. I don't let people know that though. So I can keep pretending I'm normal (which gets tiring. Just saying.)

And I am almost out of time and my fingers are going numb..... I hate stopping in the middle like this. I haven't even touched half of my passion.

Writing. Horses. My puppies, Silver and Tizona (who are both WONDERFUL, in case anyone wanted to know), books, hot, hot, HOT water, summer, a few certian people who I better keep anonymous if I want to not be embarrassed or embarrass them...., quotes, a good day of work (cause teh feeling afterwords is fantabulous!!!), and, oh, oh, so much more!!!!!

And.... I'm done. :P Blah (Cait, change it to TEN minutes....)


Want to join in this awesome fun? Here's how...

There are just 5 steps....

1. Set your timer and write for 5 minutes.
2. Publish! (No editing ~ thus my horrible spelling and grammer.... :P ~ This is rough, unrefined writing.)
3. Grab the SOC button. You can get it here on my blog or at Notebook Sisters.
4. Sign in with the LinkUP on Sundays at the blog above.

Oh..... It said 5 steps. But there are only 4? Wait, help me here, Cait. I'm confused (and how did I never catch that before?)

So, anyhow, that was my stream and my Middle Earth character and I hope you all enjoyed cause both were fun and you should definitely check out both blogs and say hello.

And goodnight to you all.... :D




  1. Oops. My bad. Actually there ARE 5 steps, I just must have miss-copied the last one when I formatted the post. I will fix that...

    Loved the stream! After reading it, I can FEEL you're a passionate person, and that's awesome. Thanks for linking up! :D And I can't change it to ten. That would take all the frantic terror of not typing fast enough out of it, eh? xD

  2. Haha, you sound like a wonderfuly happy bouncy person! I knew I liked you *grins*

    Ehehehe, I wish the blocks on the school internet would let me take that quiz. Though I suspect I'd be human. or maybe a dwarf :P

  3. That is refreshing that you have such a lust for life. Great stream!

  4. Awesome sauce! I LOVED reading this! There's so much here that I can relate to. Great stream!

  5. I have a passion for people too. But I'm quiet and sometimes shy, so I guess it's something that I go at slowly and cautiously.

  6. Love this:) Defiately my favorite:) It seems like when we are faced with limited time to explain something everything comes right from the heart:) I mean, think about it, if you had only a few minutes to tell someone what you love about them you aren't going to say stuff like, "Your funny." or "We have a lot in common." Your going to tell them the deep stuff that comes right from the botton of your heart. The stuff that you would probabaly never tell them otherwise:)


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