Thursday, November 1, 2012

I suppose it's late.

But better late than never.

Especially if we are talking about The Avengers.

Yes, for the first time, I watched The Avengers.


Movies are super neat. They impact you, make things that would be utterly impossible come to life before your eyes, and change your world. But they have to have the story, the heart, and the script to do that.

The Avengers does.

Some of the lines in it just break my heart.

And that's just what they're supposed to do.

All in all, I was just super happy to  have seen this movie. It kind of made my life at the moment, even though I'm dog sick (which I never am. BLAH!)

Here are some awesome pictures for you Avengers fans to all drool over.


I like Thor. He has some of the funniest lines. And his face, oh his face. When the pain washes over it, you just break, pure and simple. Emotion is a live wire running all over it.


Iron self-centered. But who's not. And in the end, he makes the right choice. So I guess I'll forgive him, even if I won't condone him. (My apologies to Iron Man fans. :D)

The darkness to the Black Widow is so well done, it is truly a part of her, something none of the other characters have. I wish I could see Hawkeye now and know the rest of her story.

This guy's just awesome. Cause he shoots a bow. And gets his mind infected by Loki. And that makes me sad.

Here's the Hulk. He makes me sad too. The look he gives right before he goes totally into monster for the first time breaks you to the bones.

Now I am looking forward to one day seeing the rest of the movies, both coming in the future and made in the past.

In other news:

I decided it was time for some changes around here. Well, mostly. I'm going to change the title of my blog. I LOVE this title. But it is not right. Not here. That is a name I am going to use somewhere else, for something else.
So, let me welcome you to:
My Unicorn Has Wings

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  1. I LOOOOOVE that movie!! Its just epic. I'm glad you like it. ^_^
    My favorite is Loki, but I understand why you don't have him up there, I wish he wasn't evil :'(
    my second favorite is Hawkeye, and I wish I knew more about him too:)
    Lovely post and the changes are sweet!

    1. No kidding! Any movie where all the heroes are super talented and awesome looking is a winner, eh!?
      Haha... I don't mind Loki. I forgot to put him up, by mistake.
      Yeah, Hawkeye is pretty sweet.
      Thanks! I'm going to do more quirking and see how it ends up. :D <3 Miss you! (And I can say that and mean it now, lol, right!!!)

  2. I am an IronMan fan (insert disapproving look). But I WILL forgive you (because I'm nice like that xD) and also because I need to say -- get better soon!! Black Widow is really cool, and yes, I want to see a movie about Hawkeye and her. That would be awesome!!

    And I think the new blog title is super quirky and cute!!

    1. LOL. I don't hate him. I think he's really good looking. But, yeah, that's all... :D
      Aw, thanks! I will! I hope. (Wait, Hawkeye (the movie Hawkeye) is about them, isn't it? Have you seen it?

      Thanks! I'm excited about it!

    2. There IS a Hawkeye movie?! Really?!! Why hasn't anyone told me this before!!! I am off to google.

    3. Well, ah, I already just did the research (between this comment and the next ones, lol) and it seems the movie I was thinking about is something different... So, no, I guess there isn't one right now. My bad. But now I'm super curious about just WHAT that other movie was and why I thought it was Hawkeye....

  3. Black Widow was my favourite. Competely. :)

    As for your title. I like it. Would a unicorn with wings like a Pegasus become a Pegacorn? :)

    1. She's awesome! Love her character.

      Thanks! LOL. Or maybe a Unisus... :D

  4. I LOVE that movie!!! I am so glad you got to watch it! You should watch the iron man movies before you judge his character though! He really is sweet sad. :-)

    1. LOL, I don't judge character. I just speak to what I see. So, if he makes himself better in the Iron Man movies (which I was told not to watch... you think they're good?) then I'll say he's fine. :D

  5. Wait. Wat? hold your horses!! (or unicorns ;) haha) Iron Man *always* makes the right choice, hunny. You need to watch the other movies anywho. lol. :D He is a little self centered, but you learn to love even that about him at some point. :) Sorry. mini-rant for my Tony Stark....;)
    I *love* hawkeye so stinkin' much. He's amazing and I really thing they need a whole movie for him.
    Loki was my fave...but I didn't expect you to care for him. lol. oh! You need to see Thor too. then you'll feel bad for Loki. Oh dear. you have some catchin' up to do!! hahaha!
    I love this movie. I'm so glad you finally got to see it!! <3

    1. Haha!!! You're awesome, you know that? Yeah, perhaps he does, but he takes his own sweet time doing it, unlike Captain America, who sacrifices everything all up front. THAT'S my kind of hero, right there. Iron Man is smart, and funny, and that's cool, but I like a guy who's not so full of himself. There's my little rant in return. :D But, as I said to Jonnah and Cait, until I see Iron Man, I won't give anymore thoughts to his character.
      I must admit, I thought there was a movie of Hawkeye already. Apparently I am thinking of something else and now I am in a hairball trying to figure out WHAT movie I thought it was!!!! But, for now, I just am going to say, YES, they need to do a movie. (Yeah, I did some research between this comment and the last one, lol!!!)
      Me. Too. No more said.

  6. Thumbs up to the new blog name! =)

    1. Thanks! I think you'd actually like my other blog better, by the way. It is a writing/reading blog. And I know how much you like reading. :D It the last link at the top of the page, Stories in the Mind.

  7. I love the title of this blog. This is awesome. Of course, you had me with Unicorns and The Avengers. LOL

    I'm going right up there with Cait, JonniGirl, and Rinskiijoy. You have to watch the Iron Man movies before you judge Tony, especially the first one. He starts out way full of himself, but he is patriotic, which I liked. Everything he does IS for America, even if he's Full Of Himself! (Which he totally is. TOTALLY). But he has the most epic turnaround ever, and he's not so much about himself as he is for other people. He just doesn't want to let that "soft side" show, so he masks it. His Iron Man suit is sort of an armour against the world. Same with the seconds one. He has a bit of a "fall down" in character, where he starts dropping into his old bad habits, but he DOES have a reason for it. I swear to you, he DOES. :) And then, in the Avengers, when he totally gives himself up like that.... that is SACRIFICE. He has it in him, even if he doesn't want to admit it.

    You do have to be careful with the Iron Man movies, because there are "SCENES" in them (a couple right at the beginning of the first one, and a couple somewhere in the beginning and middle in the second one) but if you skip those the movies are excellent, excellent, excellent.

    I LOVE Captain America and Hawkeye and Thor, too, right after Iron Man. Then the Hulk. I like him when he's NOT Hulking, as one of my sisters says. And Black Widow. But Tony's my fave. ;)

    1. First, thank you very much! I'm excited to have you here! You ARE welcome to check out my other blogs too, if you want. One is just a group blog, but the other is a writing blog of my very own. :D If you are interested in writing, you are welcome there too!

      Second, thank you for the comment. I have decided to not make any more "judgement calls" on poor Stark until I get to see the other movies. I didn't really "hate" him, either. Just wasn't quite what I expected of a, well, hero I guess. lol! So anyway, appreciate the advice!

      I will make sure I watch it with some friends who can tell me where to skip!! Thanks!

      Yes, they are all awesome!!!!! :D

      Still looking forward to doing that drawing!!! It's coming! *_*


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