Monday, March 4, 2013

And let the business commence

I have to go to work in ten minutes, so let's just be honest and say this post is going to be short and probably not so sweet.

Today, after work, my horse is going away. I sold her a couple weeks ago but we had to wait for the coggins test to come in from the vet to make sure she was safe to transport to the new buyers stable... And it did and she was fine, so at 1:00 this afternoon she will be going to her new home. I am very glad. And super sad....

Last night we steam cleaned the whole house. And when I say whole house, I mean WHOLE house. We have three floors and we did EVERY SINGLE BIT OF CARPETING. And moved all the furniture around...this and that way..... I was in charge of steam cleaning parts. I did the basement, which is all carpeting... It No, actually, I did enjoy it! Just a bit interesting... ;)

It's funny not having to do school anymore. I find my days are crammed just as full with other responsibilities. Which I'm glad cause I'd hate to laze away my life. But it's certainly amazing seeing how all that time got sucked up by other priorities. I enjoy my life. So much. It's awesome.


So, the plan was to post that this morning... but just before I could, the internet zonked... So here I am now, almost twelve hours later, pressing publish. I hope you enjoy it just as much in your nighttime pg's as your morning pg's. ;)

The horse is gone. I am actually quite settled about it. She is going to a good home and I know it. And the last couple years I didn't do anything with her... So I am just glad to see her go somewhere wonderful, where she will be useful.

We put the house back together today. Well, part of it. Funny how easy it is to take everything apart and how HARD it is to put it back.... :P My room was the only room that wasn't majorly dissembled {honest's cause it has the most furniture tucked into so little he...} so it is all together. I'm glad. I like having my place all put together. I'm a bit OCD. Not crazy. But I like to have my art pencils all arranged by degree {starting at F and going to 6B through three different sets} and all my hangers are color and type coordinated, plus the clothing on them is structured based upon kind. But I don't mind how anyone else lives. I'm not controlling. And I don't care when other mess it up. I just fix it. So I guess I'm not an extremist. To be honest, I'm glad. I find those kind of people vexing. I'd hate to be one myself. ~_*

Hope you all enjoy your night.



  1. Yep. Since you have curly hair, I DEFINITELY expect more of you. ;)

  2. I know how you feel about your horse!! I've been having to find homes for my pet bunnies because we aren't allowed to have them at our new house :( It was hard at first but as each bunny finds a home I am confident that they are going to happy and caring homes, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. haha.

    Steam vacuuming is so not fun. We only did a complete house steam ONCE in all the time we've lived here, and it was horrible and so we never did them all at once again! Haha. Glad you had a good day :)

    1. Ahhh... yeah. Bunnies are so cute! I've always wanted one. But yes, it is nice knowing she went to a great home.

      Haha!! I didn't mind it too much. It was the moving around of everything that was a bit of pain. ;)

  3. Ugh, I know the pain of a whole-house clean - but at least you didn't have to climb inside the three wheelie bins and scrub them out! I spent two hours doing that when we moved out of our house last summer. Not nice, not nice at all. I quite enjoy steaming carpets, though. It entertains me.

    1. That doesn't sound very fun. :P Yick... LOL! Yes, THAT part was fun. :D

  4. That first picture pretty much describes me and rachels lives. :-)

  5. I'd be soooo sad if I didn't have time for my horsey, she's such a wonderful horse, I love her to bits! ^_^ I'm slightly jelly that someone else bought your horse, I wanted her! ;) hehe.
    Eeek, steam vacuuming? eh.
    That last picture cracked me up. :)

    1. Aw.... {I caught the pun in there. ;)} Haha! It would have been WONDERFUL if you could have! I would have loved that so much. Too bad....
      Haha! describes me to a T. Hehehe.... *wacko grin*


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