Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lost in the Beauty of the Day...

We have had the most glorious wheather today and it is promising to be better tomorrow... Warm breezes, singing birds, sunshine filtering down out of spotless blue skies!

It has been breathtaking.

And so wonderful after the snow.

I ran two hard miles today. It feels like it has been so long since I did, though really it has only been a couple weeks. Running is so much fun. All four of my dogs {not Pickle} come with me. They run alongside me and I feel really special. ;)

*this big*


I am so happy to be alive today. I just feel like I could dance and sing all day long.

Tomorrow is my last soccer game. I have had so much fun playing this season. I am really praying we will win this last game. That would be so cool!!! I am kinda hoping we will  have a celebration of sorts commemorating the end of the season. If we do, I want to take pics and put them up here. :D

{I have the best family ever, just saying. This was totally impromptu.}

After Daddy got home we went and rolled two bales into our trailer for the cattle. They weight about 2 tons each and there are only 4 of us to push 'em up into the trailer. Plus, Daddy has a sprained wrist, so us three girls really had to do most of the shoving. It was fun. :D

I like work.

Also, I finished 20 pages of my book last night. I stayed up till 2 because I set a goal at 11:00 and I wasn't going to bed till I finished it. I did!!!! Eeek! Only 30 pages left now. I can't believe it...

I want to add a note. I don't talk about God on here because of a sense of obligation. I don't talk about Him because He is something I've grown up comfortable around and just feel like I should talk about.

I talk about Him because He is my life. He is my everything, my hope, my redeemer, my love. I am so blessed to be called His child. He has done so much for me. Who would I be if I did not tell of His wonderful love to me!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to say that. ;)


  1. awe, yay for warm weather! i soo wish i could run, stinking asthma won't allow it though. :p
    i'm happy you're alive too!

    i tagged you over at my blog, so. yep. :D


  2. :) I didn't think you talked about God because you had an obligation. lol

    You family looks nice and laid back. :D

    1. Aw, thanks....

      Haha, why do you say that? LOL!!! :D

  3. I didn't think that was the reason you talked about God. *grin* nice quotes


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