Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Times...

First off, for all of you who entered into the Giveaway, Jonnah and I will be drawing the name this Friday. I can't wait to see who will be drawn!!

This Friday began with a lot of rain. We were up bright and early to go to a Easter sunrise service practice in the Springfield baseball field. Our choir will be singing for the service on Sunday.

When we were finished a small group of us decided to hang out. We went to ihop for breakfast. I've never been there before. It was scrumptious and there was a TON of food. For me with my giant appetite, it was glorious. Let's just say only me and one of the boys finished all of our food. Yeah, sometimes it's embarrassing.

After that we went to the mini-golf park. I had only played once before. This time was soooooo much fun!!! Partly because of who I was with. Partly because I got third place. ;)

Us hanging with a dino in the mini-golf place. You can't really see him cause it's so small, but Joe's photo bombing the pic in the background...
By then the sunshine had come out and we were ready to do something awesome. So we all drove to Sequiota Park. It has a cave, pond, creek, trails and a huge place to play sports and hang out.
My sis Brisa and I living on the edge
The sister Abrienne
One of my best friend's Lauren climbing the wall beside one of the smaller caves.
All of the group {except my mummy, who took the pic}
Lauren doing a cartwheel. She's super talented, just saying...
Playing volleyball with a soccer ball. ;) It was fun.
We had to stay in town until 8:45 that night when we had my last soccer game. It was awesome! We lost by one point but we played so hard and had soooooo much fun!!! This is all the team! :D
And here is adorable little Orcrist {who we will still call Pickle for fun. ;)}

Me and babes...

And now I must go. Enjoy all those pictures. ;)


  1. hehe, did you know Jason and Toni call Asa, Pickle? Its SO cute. ^_^
    I loved all the pix!! Glad you had an epic Friday. :)

    1. Nooo!! How funny is that! It's an awesome name.
      Thanks! I surely did! :D <3 <3


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