Thursday, April 26, 2012


And the day begins!!! In a few moments I'm off to "work". When I come home, the wildness of my next weekend will begin. First, we are going to load up our vehicle. We have to transport a harp and tuba into town today. THAT will be fun...
We are going to the first day of the SHEM convention. I am accompanying a friend in the talent show and the graduation practice is tonight. Yes, you've all heard it and you're going to hear it again. I GRADUATED last year, but I'm walking this year.
Then some of the orchestra's are going to play. I wish the choir would sing tonight, because tomorrow I won't be able to be with them tomorrow.... :(
That's one of the down sides of walking.
I am sooooo happy about this weather! I hope it will stick around this time. It has dashed my hopes enough this spring.
And I also can't wait to see all of my friends tonight! That is going to be splendid!

Here is a random picture of me and my dog.


  1. ooh! I might come tonight. Mum hasn't decided if she needs me here or not. :D Are you excited? I would be. I can't wait until next year when I graduate. :D I won't be donig shem though. You're in the talen show too? are you accompanying on piano? I hope I can see some of that. :D <3

    1. P.S. Pretty new background! ^_^

    2. YES!!! That makes me HAPPY!
      LOL, its not that big of a deal now, since I have been graduated for so long. Its more of the long delayed relief that I'll get at finally being able to do it.
      Yes, I am accompanying on the piano. Actually, keyboard. Yuck! I DISLIKE keyboards. Hope you can watch too!


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