Monday, April 30, 2012

Yauda, yauda

Muddy, wet, and stinky. That's what all the dogs were this morning. :P And Molly and Rosie insisted on jumping out of the pen over and over so I could put them back in. They think they are amusing.
Skye had 13 puppies last night, too! They are SOOO adorable. I will post some pics from Mrs. Wrights website,, later.
I'm working up the courage to post part of the first chapter of my book on here to hear people's opinions.... We will see. I must be crazy if I'd do that.
Well, I guess I am crazy. Most people don't know how wild I really am. At least until I'm on the soccer field or playing volley ball, lol!
But I do like alot of things most people think are BORING. I don't think ANYTHING is boring. Anything can be thrilling. Just ask Anne of Green Gables. That's the way I like to live.
I drew a picture last night that I am actually happy with! I am really excited. I don't usually like my own drawings... It's still not as realistic as I would like, but it is ....close......
I'm liking being a little bit normal again. I can dance around the house without my muscles protesting anymore! Saturday I sang while cleaning the house because my family was at SHEM and I house sat for the Wrights since Skye was so close to having her pups. I got home an hour before they did and had fun getting everything clean for them.
Then we had my "family" grad party. (Which included more ice cream). What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Mine is raspberry. And I mean REAL raspberry. Which you can't find anywhere and I haven't had in three years. My second is chocolate. I make do with that.
Then we watched Wall-E. It is a delightfully sweet movie.

Image Detail

Isn't he cute? (Yes, I will say that about electronic robots.)

And I went to the first walk through for my new job. It is going to be VERY neat.
Uggg, This is not very interesting, but oh well. I'm ready to get off.

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