Monday, April 23, 2012

Passports, thumbs, chicks, and pics...

Today we got all of five of our passport paperwork filed and mailed!!!!!! I am so excited! That means, hopefully, we will be able to go to Canada next year. My picture is AWFUL because I am not photogenic and I didn't go my hair today but threw it back in a ponytail because I sliced my thumb to the bone at work this morning. This is definitely not my month, lol!
What is really cool though is Thadden will probably be flying out this year to labor on my grandparents farm as work experience, but getting the passports is too expensive for us all to go out this year as well. I am just a tiny-winy bit jealous. Ok, I am a lot jealous. Next year will probably be my last year getting to go to Canada with my family too.......
Thadden is going to become a vet. He is going to College of the Ozarks for his pre-vet degree. Then he is going to transfer to the best school he can afford. (We don't know what right now.)
And something else exciting happened today! Our baby chicks, who have been hiding a day longer than they were supposed to, started hatching today!!!! They are so adorable. But the incubator has been a bit too dry and so half of them are REALLY ugly! :-(

This one is black and white. And cute.

It likes to snuggle!!!

All the rest of the ugly ducklings... There are more in the incubator still.

Today Thadden had me begin taking his senior pictures too! That was fun. Unfortunately, the camera was kind of muggy in the half-light of twilight, so we're going to take more tomorrow. Here are a few I like.

He looks REALLY good when he laughs!

This is what he likes to look like. :D

This is what he looks like best.

Gotta go now... so have a good night all of you!!!

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