Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amish country, blog awards, Canada relatives, fun times...

Please don't scold me. Though I have been more than tardy about posting...

Sadly, life decided to delight me by becoming endlessly busy. (Yes, that was sarcastic.)

So here goes all the news I can muster.

I am worn out. That's not news, but I thought it worth noting. Hopefully this post doesn't reflect it too badly.

This last week I received my very first blog awards!!

Compliments of Thanks so much Mime and Cait!!!!! <3

I have certain guidelines to follow...

But more about those later. Right now, I will delve into the fun and exciting week I have had.

July 13 was my Mommy's birthday.

We went to see the new Ice Age movie, Continental Drift. Of course, everything is Scrat's fault.

It was a good movie.

I was hoping it wouldn't be overkill, since it is the 4th movie. But it was VERY good. Really!

Some of my family from Canada came to visit us this week.

Firstly we took them all over the countryside. Just for fun. Believe it or not, the following picture is real.

Not sure what the other half is, but maybe they'll get something half right.

Then we took them all around alot of Amish country. We had soooo much fun. :D I don't know what I liked better.

First we went to several stores, both Mennonite and Amish. These two girl's are Amish.

Then we ate at a Mennonite restaurant. It was surprisingly yummy!!! (Don't laugh. I'm OCD. I ALWAYS eat the edge off first.)

This is legit. I mean, really? LOL!!!!

After that we went to an Amish auction.

They had so many good things to eat. We met one of our Amish friends there (no, we do not make it a habit to befriend them. But this man sells at the local farmer's market and we know him pretty well.) He invited us out to his farm to let our relatives experience the "real" Amish life.

Us and our cousins about to take a ride. Amish don't let pictures be taken on them, so we couldn't get the horses since our friend was driving... sad, but better to be respectful...

And we bought some watermelon from him. The yellow kind is DELICIOUS. And, of course, the red is too. *_*

Now. For the blog awards. To start off, have to state 7 unknown things about me.

That won't be too hard, because even some of my close friends don't know me very well yet.

1. The very first thing I drew was Winnie the Pooh. Daddy still has it in his keepsake drawer.

2. We got our very first cat when I was 7 and we lived in the State of Oregon. Her name was Blackberry. She had a kitten we called Peace. Who had a kitten who looked identical to her. What did we do? Name her Peace 2. Let's just say we have had about a fifty (no joke) generations, and/or litters, however you want to call it, and we have had 21 Peace's. Our last one died a year ago here in Missouri... But we still have Blackberry's great great great great great grandkitty. And we went from solid black to solid orange. Funny, isn't it.

3. Since I don't hear you laughing, I will go on. My Daddy is a private school teacher. In Oregon, I did P.E., track, and volleyball with his school. I loved it sooo much. And miss it tons and tons.

4. I gave my heart to God when I was four (hence the positioning of this statement :D). It's a long story, but it was real.

5. I got my promise ring on Thanksgiving day, 2008.

6. I wanted to perform in the Circus when I was little and stand on a huge horse barefoot in a pink ballerina costume as it cantered around the ring.

7. I've read over 3000 books in my 18 years. That makes me happy.

For the second award I have to answer the following questions:

What are your favorite song lyrics?

Can I nail down one song and call it favorite? That is not my style, nor my taste. My favorite (teehee) thing to do is have lots of favorites. That is fun. So lets just pick a few songs instead.

  1. 'Til I Hear You Sing
  2. Remember When It Rains
  3. Tell Him Anything
  4. Here With Us
  5. Dark Waltz
These are not ordered by my favorite. I have a tendency to listen to one song OVER and OVER and OVER again until it is disgusting to me. Probably not a good habit, but I love it. LOL! All these songs have gone through that pattern. The thing is, when I quiet listening to it over and over, I love it just as much...

What is your favorite book/book series?

They have to ask the hard questions. Once again, lets list several.
  1. Mara, Daughter of the Nile
  2. Anne of Green Gables
  3. The Hunger Games (its fresh, it made it)
  4. All books by Author Elizabeth George Speare.
  5. Courage Is Not Given

What is your favorite movie/TV series?

Would it be silly for me to say something like Megamind? I really like animated movies. I know that is odd, but its true.
Probably my favorite action movie would be The Lord of the Rings. Classic, I know. Also original. :P
My favorite comedy: Ice Age. The Beverly Hillbillies. Anne of Green Gables. Pirates of the Caribbean (though they have other things I don't like. Sorry to step on some toes, but that's the truth.) Whoops, should have said comedIES.

Who inspires you?

Jesus. But I guess that doesn't count.
Corrie ten Boon. At least, she was the first person who popped into my head. Ever read The Hiding Place? You must.

What is your dream job?

Writing. Singing. Drawing. Changing the world. Being a mother. All of these things together. Yes, that is my dream job. :D

And lastly, I have to award all of these to another seven bloggers. I do not even know seven other bloggers who I can award these to, so I will award my dear friend that I DO know. :d

1. Rachel

2. Grace

3. Jonnah

4. Jacey

5. Tabbi - even though she has not blogged in a while. :D

6. Noni - who is finally back on blogger! Yay!

Enjoy seeing your own posts girlies! You have to answer the questions, fill in the seven unknowns, and award other bloggers (if you can) too. :D

A week and a half ago one of our cows surprised us with a darling calf.

A week ago, one of our other cows had another calf, but I don' have a picture of him.

Another pic I took of the moon three weeks ago...

Now you eyes have become bloodshot and dry from reading this for so long so go do something productive!


  1. Yellow watermelons??!! I've NEVER heard of that. Do they taste like red ones?

    And Elizabeth Speare? I. Love. Everything. She's. Written. Like a lot. :) Such a good author (and Eloise Jarvis McGraw too).

    Loved the pictures. Except for maybe the "Halfway" church. Little disconcerting.

    1. They are sweeter!!!! And have a slightly different taste. I can't describe it exactly. Its just YUMMY!!!

      I know! Mara really is one of my all time favorites. And yes, I CAN say that!!!

      Haha! The town it is in is called Halfway. I forgot to clarify. It just makes it sound funny..... :D LOL!

    2. Man, it DOES sound funny!! As if they're only halfway convinced of what they're talking about...

      I'm really interested in yellow watermelon now! :)

    3. Yeah!!!! :D

      If you can, find one and eat it!!

  2. What Fun! I had a hot plate that said 'kissin don't last, cookin do'. I replaced it (because I truly disagree with that statement) with 'God is Love'. :)

    1. It was!!! That's great, LOL! I agree!!!

      And He is. Always will be!!!! :D

      Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Oh My Goodness!!!!! I have no idea how I missed this post! I will so do that! I am so sorry that I didn't see it! <3

  4. Haha!!! That is alright. I think it was hidden to some sites for some reason. Almost no one saw it!!! :D Can't wait to see your post girly!!! Love you!

  5. Halfway, yeah, that's kind of a sad looking town. We drive through it on our way to Miller's Country store. I honestly would love to know the story behind some town names. Humansville, Pleasant Hope, Dry Creek, Halfway, Fairplay. Who named them and why?


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