Saturday, July 28, 2012

link up: notebooksisters

This is my very fist link up. It's kind of scary because I have NO IDEA if this is going to turn out right. So, really, I'm just going to try.

Cait has issued a prompt for "little successes". That will be wonderful for me, because of late, I have had plenty of them!!!!

Many of my little successes string for my book of course. I finally mastered chapter 8 after a two week struggle. My character was misbehaving and wouldn't tell me what she was thinking. Blah! She IS rebellious and surly and her entire goal in life is to destroy her enemies. But, I don't want to spoil anything. :D

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of titles for my trilogy. I might have finally found some that I like. We will see. Names are my thing, so I NEVER anticipated naming my book would be so challenging. But that is the way of life!

Speaking of challenges, I have been attempting a drawing that is mostly created from clouds. It is really cool, but REALLY hard. I think clouds are really pretty, but awful to draw.

Oh, wait, we are off topic. Successes. Successes.

I have been struggling with maintaining peace for a dream I have had for a very long time and I finally gave it all up to God and received the MOST AWESOME contentment in the world. I don't feel pressure or anxiety or worry anymore! THAT is success. And it makes me happy.

My parents are on their way home with my second puppy. I finally found a sword name for her. BUT, you will have to wait and see what it is. Sorry!

I have one minute left. There are so many things I could type. But of what do I want to chose? I now have 10 followers (I know, pathetic, but I am happy) and 1010 views. This blog is certainly nothing special and a little wacky and weird and unprofessional, not at all like what I thought it would be. But I am surviving.

30 seconds. Arhg.... One good thing about typing fast and having a brain that goes a million miles a minute is you get a lot on the ground.

I have mastered the song called Jessica's theme from The Man From Snowy River on piano today. It is a BEAUTIFUL song. I love it.


Well, now, I can't go back. I can't edit. I can't change a thing. So I pray this is not utterly ridiculous. :D



  1. lol... Oooh, THAT'S how the stream of consciousness linkup works! Now I that I know how, I shall probably end up doing one.

    Awwww, I love little puppehs. We just got a new one. She is adorable. She is on my blog... I forget which post.

    lol God bless


    1. Yeah! I think it was kind of fun!!! Not to hard.... :D

      Awww! What kind of dog is she? You should put more pics on!!!

  2. That was great!! I completely enjoyed reading it too. Ooo! You're playing The Man from Snowy River (best aussie movie!) on the piano -- so cool! I play them too! :D And can't wait to hear what the new pup's name is. Thanks soo much for link-up with us!! Eek! Maybe my baby linkup will grow after all!! :P

    1. Hehe... thanks!!! YES! It's so beautiful. That was my favorite movie when I was 10 (due to the horses). Ha! Now it's my turn to know something YOU don't. :D My next post will be about her. She came home to me today and she is ADORABLE!!!!!
      I hope sooo!!! And maye I will get better at it then, lol! <3

  3. Ah, misbehaving characters... Mine is behaving like the juvenile delinquent she is right now and being uncommunicative! Hope you get through to yours!

    1. Hahas!!!! Yes, that is just the way she is... What do you write? I hope you can make her clear up. :D LOL!


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