Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The best blog on the block

It is my dear friends Grace's.

She has JUST started, and already there is no comparison of her blog to any other I have read.

Here is her web address:

I RECOMMEND going to her blog. Here is a sample of her VERY FIRST POST:

And this is my dream, my vision, my life's

To capture it, to hold it in the palm, to retain and remember it, to share it. Because there is nothing, not one thing, like beauty. And we long for it, thirst for it, risk everything we have (and everything we are) for it.

Because why?

Because beauty is life; because it heals. And ever since the Fall, our crippled fragile hearts have yearned to see beauty whole and unscathed by sin and pain.
But there is still beauty. Even here, in this lost broken world.
Beauty heals and eases the ache. Like when our hearts are shattered on the floor and we turn up the music to drown out the sound of the heart's cries. Because music is beautiful and the beauty calms the raging pulse and clots the blood flowing from a broken heart."
It gets better from here.
So don't hesitate to journey down the path with her. She is beginning, just as we are all. She will get better, the more she learns, the more she grows, the more God teaches her. But I can guarantee, what will come from her is the inspiration of the Lord of Heaven.
I have been inspired myself to reclaim my original intent for this blog. It was not to be a flippant open page of overused idea's, but a sacred place where I could grow, share my dreams, let out my thoughts, unafraid and unadulterated.
I am not very creative or originally minded, but am a great mimic. But here is where that will end. I am going to only blog when I have the time and ideas to make a masterpiece. This is my resolve and you all are to hold me to it. :D
I was afraid such a blog would be ignored, cast aside, forgotten... but I know now that was foolish. I am seeing it done before me. Those who will want to read this blog will love it. Those who don't like it... I don't need to impress. This is for God and God alone. I will make my stand for Him. And unending thanks to Grace for helping me regain my aim and shoot at the target straight this time. It makes me embarrassed to think I waited for another to brave the sea of unknown before being willing to take the step out on the water alongside them.
Peace, patience, perseverance; live, love, laugh; enliven, encourage, enlighten; inspire, imagine, ignite; dream, discover, dare: this is my motto now.
Now, that said, it does not mean I will never post about my life, random happenings, and cool new things. They are the pieces of my puzzle. God often uses such things to change our lives. But the presentation will be different.
I have always been different. Why bow out now?
God-honoring, beautiful, motivational posts. That is what I am aspiring for now. I lost sight of that amid the excitement of the blogger world. Here we go, let's start afresh. Embark on this new adventure and beginning with me!!!!


  1. Oh Caitria, you are so sweet! Thank you:) I am thrilled to have inspired you a little, that's what friends are for, right? ;)
    Your posts will not be forgotten if they give glimpses of your heart...and God's. As long as you are writing for Him, He will allow your words to reach the ears of those who need to hear what you have to say. I cannot wait to see how He will use you!

    1. Thanks! That's right!!!!
      Awww, thank you! I hope so! A lot of my previous posts I am happy with. There are just a few that I rapidly wrote out that I do not plan to repeat. :D Yes, that is my aim. For Him and Him alone!!!! Hope you have a great fourth! Pics from my day will be coming soon!!!!


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