Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In my wildest dreams....

...I would never be doing this. But, since this is reality, not my dreamland, I suppose I shall.

I have let few friends read my book, let alone given it over to a public page where anyone and their dog can find it. (I don't expect the dog will make much of it, but you never know.)

These excerpts are all from my current novel. It is historical fiction, set in Ancient Rome. I began it when I was 13 years old. I had NOOOOOOO idea what I was getting into that first day I sat down at the computer excited and hyper. The book is over 600 pages long and completed. Now I am just editing it. And it is unnamed. :P

Well, the complete story would be it has had tooooooooooooo many names. But none of them fit, and I would rather wait and find an absolutely thrilling title than settle for something less than imaginative just becauce I wanted to put something down.

Eventually, I plan to turn it into a trilogy, becuase 600 computer pages actually totals 1200 novel pages. Still, that doesn't help the naming thing any...

I want to write a book that will consume you mind and soul. Only then will it have accomplished its purpose.

So far.... I don't think I have reached that goal, and I am on edit 22. :P

Here we go:

"Save me, save me!"
The cries sounded airy and incomplete in Merrie's thoughts, as though they came from some far and distand land.
A black fog settled in her mind, distorting the images impressed upon her memory: the bleak ground, unplowed; a lonesome fig tree, waving its branches despondently; the mud-brick barn, silhouetted again the horizon as one solid refuge. Figure moved in and out of the hazy picture, fusing indistiguishably with the outer shadows.

Ó Pure Grace

She had to remember who the enemy in this was. It was not Aelia, not Marcellus, not Icilius, not even Rome. It was herself. Ionez, the girl who would not forget.

Ó Pure Grace

What dignity? Merrie thought with faint bitter causticity. Have I a chance where I might show it?
The silence continued. Claudia waited, her eyes suddenly traveling over Merrie in the old way–scornful, detachedas thought she were a stranger, a statue, an irritating fly to be shooed away. Merrie stood, sick, dry mouthed and burning all over. Everything had falledn away from her at once. Her home, her preace, her secutity... Julia's treachery, with which she had been flirting for too long, had finally caught her and its sentence was complete, its grip inescapable.

Ó Pure Grace

Marcellus gasped and staggered again the chariot, dropping the whip to the gournd. "What have I done!" he burst out.

Ó Pure Grace

"Oh, Cyrus, Cyrus," she wailed. She turned her head back and watched as the billowing smoke poured into the dark sky. The red-orange flames flickered and crackled into hightening obscurity.

Ó Pure Grace

"I won't do it," she flared. "I won't."
"She  will learn it," Marcellus swliced through her vehemence, his tone leaving no doubt in her mind. "If she doesn't, well, you may as well cut out that wild tongue of hers. And that, I may add, would beregrettable. Athena! I would almost miss those scathing, venomous words. You may go now."

Ó Pure Grace

Ok. Now we'll see how long it takes me to regret that.... :D


  1. Very enticing. I love reading the different names. It is always neat to me to see what names are more used in specific cultures. It's even neater to see where those names came from, plants, animals, gods and goddesses, mythology.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yay! Thanks for the comment! I love new comments and followers! Haha! Names are one of my very favorite things in the world!!!!! :D

  2. Congrats on letting your "baby" out! It's hard. I know! Don't regret it, because I think you've done a great job. So the book's Roman? Ahhh...too intriguing!! And very tantalizing, I must say. Your writing voice is very descriptive and you have a great way with using words!

    What's the word count? Because 600 pages is heaps impressive. My first book was only 64k. Poor little baby it was. :]

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks! Yes, twas that. But I think I survived!!!!! Awww, thank you!

      That is probably my one and only talent, lol. :P

      At this very exact moment ~ 342,613. It will be different in two mintutes. Haha! :}

      So glad to see you are now a permanent resident. ^_^


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