Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snippets of the Story

I am going to follow Aubrey and Cait and do Whisperings of the Pen's linkup. This is a chance for us authors to share bits of our works-in-progress with each other.

I have to admit, it is hard finding pieces that I like well enough all by themselves to post. Poor little snippets. :( But, anyway, here they are.

AND: I have some potential title idea's. Let me know what you think of them.

Book #1: Undone.
Book #2: Unafraid.
Book #3: Unconditional.


Book #1: Unknown.
Book #2: Unsheathed.
Book #3: Unforgettable.

And the series title...still under construction, but what do you think of The Endless Fire?

I wasn't sure I like the alliteration (besides, that's Cait's theme), but Brisa was dead sold on them. :P Her favorites are the first three.

So, idea's? Thoughts?

My personal opinion... is void. I don't have one. I'm still not bewitched myself. At all.

And the snippets:

“I would tell the Senator,” he muttered uncomfortably.
“Tell the Senator!” Merrie burst out, her eyes growing large.
“Aye.” Cyrus lifted his dark eyes up to hers across the gulf of blackness between them. “Merrie, tell the Senator.”
All at once, she was not afraid of the dark.

From Book #1.
copyright Pure Grace

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“I will never belong here.”
“Perhaps. For now, we would be obliged if you would at least pretend you did.”
Ionez was taken aback. He freely admitted she was unhappy here? And he did nothing about it! Anger constricted her throat and she took a step toward him. “I would chop every finger and toe from your body before I would surrender to that!”
“Thank you. Maybe I can do you a favor sometime.”
From Book #1.
copyright Pure Grace

Julia smirked. “Clumsy oaf.” Suddenly, her eyes grew wide. “Hai, Merrie look!”
Merrie darted up and gasped.
At the edge of the table one of Messalina’s expensive crystal perfume bottles tottered. And there beneath it sat Aurelia, looking up with expectant brown eyes.

Just so you all know, Aurelia is a puppy. :D

From Book #1.
copyright Pure Grace

Marcellus watched her, his eyes glowing with humor. “You are confident to ask such a question.”
“Should I shiver to hear its answer?”
“Some would.”
“I am not one of them.”
“Good for you.”
Claudia stiffened. “Oh, charming Marcellus, you scorn me.”

From Book #2.
copyright Pure Grace

“All I need say is Claudia’s days are numbered."

From Book #3.
copyright Pure Grace

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Whisperings of the things Claudia had told her tingled in her ear and she tried to brush them away. She didn’t want to hear it. Forget it, she ordered herself. It means nothing.
But again, the memories flooded her mind. “God loves you!” Claudia had said. “He wants you to come to him. Open your heart and let Him in, and He will take care of you.”
“Take care of you,” Merci whispered to the darkness.

From Book #3.
copyright Pure Grace

“I am entirely to blame,” he ended. “If it weren’t for me, none of this would have happened.”
“So she is dead?” Cyrus’s whispered.
“Aye,” Marcellus bowed his head, overcome. “And it is all my fault.”
From Book #3.
copyright Pure Grace
Claudia laughed out-rightly.
“So will you stay or go?” Aelia asked eagerly.
“Stay,” Blessing said.
“You’re staying with them?” Claudia jerked back, surprised.
“Nay, we’re all staying. Boat’s gone.”
One by one they turned and gazed out across the bay where the schooner floated mid-water, its oars dipping rhythmically toward the ship.
Slowly, Claudia began to chuckle. Then Lavy laughed. The entire group began to shake with laughter except Blessing.
“What?” she scowled, shaking her fist. “It left without us!"

From Book #3.
copuright Pure Grace
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  1. Love the title ideas - we'll talk more on that subject later!
    And the snippets... ACH! You're killing me with suspense!!! You MUST hurry and finish this trilogy!

    1. Ok, sounds good!
      Haha... GOOD!!!! :D I sure want to!

  2. Nah, well, I kind of feel like the alliterations are my thing. If that's okay.

    But I loved the snippets!! Got some suspending sneak peaks there. Sheesh?! Does Claudie DIE?!! WHAT?!!!

    1. Haha... wouldn't you like to know... :D


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