Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stream of consciousness...

So I recognize that I just did a post. BUT...

Cait did an awesome prompt over at notebooksisters and I just had to do it.

Because it is about weather.

The rules:

1. Set your timer and write for 5 minutes.

2. Publish! (No editing. This is rough, unrefined writing.)

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4. Sign in with our LinkUP on Sundays.

5. Stop by the other blogs and say hay!

today's optional prompt: a little change of weather

Start: now.

Last night, the weather blew in. Literally. We had a nice sunny morning, with a little bit of wind. It is the end of summer here in Missouri. The clouds are white and fluffy. The sky vivid blue. Birds sing, dance in the sky, alight on homy limbs to rest. It is not too hot anymore.

But last night....

The storm came.

This thunderhead did not come from our neighbors, Kansas, Ohio, or any other Western States. No, it grew over us. Mountians of clouds burgeoning in the sky, dark and onimous. Yes, that was what they were.

All of a sudden, it seemed, they hit.

At 3:15 we had a perfectly sunny sky, not a cloud in sight. At 4:15, we had tornado sirens going off in town because the straight line winds were so harsh. They destroyed trees, buildings, tore down power lines, and wrecked many homes.

Our driveway is lined with ornamental pear trees. Almost half of them are ruined.

Fall has begun. Winter is coming.

It reminded us with a vengeance.


Daddy and I removing a limb so we could open the gate and get home.

This barely give a glimpse of the damage. I might upload more pics later.

For now, so long, fellow linkers. :D


  1. Oh that's sad. We used to have a lot of cyclones up north queensland (before we moved south). They do some serious damage, eh! They'd flatten towns up there too (cyclones are a little like tornadoes, right?)

    Thanks for linkingUP! :)

  2. man, that was pretty crazy wasn't it? :P We had some trees down here and lots on the road home. I'm glad there weren't any actual tornadoes though!
    You did pretty great for five minutes of rough unedited writing! lol. I wouldda had like, three words. haha. :) <3
    It was great getting to see you yesterday!

  3. Oh wow -- how sad to lose your beautiful pear trees! Storms have always fascinated me: I'm in awe of their power and general awesomeness but nothing like a fierce storm/tornado/cyclone to instill fear in the heart of a person!

    Visiting from Notebook Sister's SOC link-up!

  4. You can always plant a new pear tree. I am glad that you and your family weren't hurt!

  5. Oh boy, that's really something different than my wet country. In the worst case scenario, one or two trees fall down. Nothing like what happened to you, obviously. A shower of rain, perhaps. No tornado sirens going off... Winter won't come to us for about 2 months. At least, that's what I'm hoping for!
    How do you survive those things, anyway???

  6. Wow! Weather can be a lot of things, and scary is one of them! We had a pretty bad storm a couple weeks ago (at least it seemed pretty bad to us), but nothing that big. I hope everything gets cleaned up ad that there is no serious damage, and that nobody got hurt.


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