Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stories in the Mind

It is so easy to write.

And so hard.

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The emotions, burning deep within you, screaming to be let out.

You stand admist an open sea, its waves lapping at your feet, waiting for the inspiration to wash over you.

And it comes. Slowly. Surely.

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Having a story....

It's like containing a secret that you MUST share. Pressing upon you, tantalizing you, driving you on madly, until you can no longer think.

Words come to mind.

Spread across you page like a silent ocean.

People, places...they spring before you eyes, dancing, whirling, showing you the way they want to be.

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Hearts break, souls mend, and in the end, you discover that though it all pulls through to the end, you will never be the same.

The gift of a writer is going through everything your character does.

Pain, joy, sorrow, contentment, upheaval, bitterness, longing, love, animation, disgust...

It all goes through you, one by one. You feel it. Keenly.
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And so we write. We write and write and write.

There is no Frigate like a book to take us lands away nor any coursers like a page of prancing Poetry.
Emily Dickinson

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A writer would never trade their life for another's. They would never give up writing. The dreams. The agony. The silent screaming. The joy of creating.

The life of a writer. Irreplaceable. Indescribable.

My life.


  1. We are a different breed. :) I find it fascinating how much my characters flit in and out of my day ... pondering their story as my life follows it's typical routine. Words truly piling up and waiting for time to be poured out ... once I'm done with the dishes. Visiting from Write on Edge.

  2. Love the quotes, especially by Byron.

    Writing is the reason I am somewhat sane!

    Well, sort of...

  3. Yes! I love it how you said "The gift of a writer is going through everything your character does."
    Totally! I am constantly shot out, drowned, strangled, thrown off tall buildings, locked in small rooms, stabbed, threatened, run until my legs feel like dropping off, and blackmailed. (Yeah, I write action-adventure. Figures.) It's an exhausting life. And people wonder why writers are weird. Ah, we live a lot of different lives people! It's really true!!


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