Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Turn up the music!

To clarify: this was written Tuesday, the 25.

Music. That is the only thing that has kept me on track this week.
It has been yet another busy week, and here I thought it was slowing down. My bad...
It didn't.
Aside from tackling two books now, I traveled all over creation this week.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all relatively normal days for me. (normal being...well, nevermind.)
Thursday was the beginning of the craziness...and the fun.
 I went to SDC (Silver Dollar City, the nearby amusement park) with two of my good friends.

Ashton, Anna, and me.

We had such a fantabulous time.

Between riding the rides, jogging up and down the many hills (it seems SDC is made of hills), eating good food, having great talks, and watching all the shows, it was an awesome day.

A special trick rider came out at noon and did some incredible riding. The horse is "taking a knee" here. It was so pretty. And big.

This is one of the roller coasters...Well, the only part of it I could photograph. It shoots you off at 260 mph all at once and then takes you off a drop of how many feet I don't know (ask my expert SDC friends. This was only my third time there.)

Anna bought this cute hat while we were there. Isn't she gorgeous!!!

And poor Ashton (of the three of us the only one who doesn't sing) got called up to do "You are my Sunshine" at the last show... There were about 400-500 people watching. They thought she was hilarious. She says the cutest most awesome things.

Friday was, as usual, orchestra and choir. I am teaching three classes there now. It is a lot of fun.


And Grace!!!!!!

That night, I went to a fall party at some friends house. They live out in the middle of nowhere. My friend Lauren drove us. She thought we were going the right way down the highway, until my brother decided to get out his gps on his iphone and we found out we were going in...exactly the wrong direction. So we turned around and after one more misturn, arrived at their beautiful old farmhouse. It is two stories, entirely restored, and super incredible. I didn't get any pics of it, unfortunately. All the doorknobs were in the middle of the doors!!!

Then we started a bonfire, had chili and desserts, and sang around the fire. (My FAVORITE!!!)


the moon that night was beautiful, but I couldn't get good pics of it. They all came out blurry. (Compliments of the bad camera. :P)

Written in the dew on Lauren's car.

We got home just after midnight.

The next morning I had to wake up with the sunshine to go to work. (We all love work, right! Right?)

Then I came home, did some cleaning, and got ready to go to two of my friends weddings: Abigail and J.B. Mitchel.

It was such a pretty wedding!

The reception was so much fun.

I think I laughed my insides out several times while sitting around a big table laughing with my friends.

After that, Lauren and I went and met Thadden (who unfortunately had to work and couldn't go to the wedding even though he wanted to) at Hammons Hall - begging your pardon, but I don't know if I spelled that right or not, so just pretend I did - for a performance.

I love the music our orchestra plays. Some of the songs make me want to either cry or burst into song.

And after that I got to go to the REAL Springfield Symphony afterwards for free!!! Compliments of playing in the orchestra. Well, Thadden did. But I count cause I'm his sister. :D

It was amazing. Simply, truly, incomparably amazing.

My heart was full of happiness when we came home.

Sunday morning, we went to church.

When we came home, we got ready to go to my littlest brothers first ever piano recital.

Of course, being who we are, we couldn't just do it the normal way. No. Not us.

So we oldest four kids all got dressed in the finest clothing we own.

My brother Thadden wore a 3 piece suit.

I wore the special black and white dress that I bought for my State performance.

Abrienne wore a black dress with silver sequins Mommy bought for a banquet she went to with Daddy.

And Brisa wore her black performance outfit with my finest jewelry.

We arrived at the recital - hosted at a friends home - and everyone else was in jeans.

But that was ok. We had fun anyway. :D

AND... this is the only picture I got of that day.


Then came ultimate football ~ just like ultimate frisbee, except with, well, a football! (Am I being ironic today or what? And I keep using parenthesis. I hate parenthesis...)

And then Monday, I went into town unexpectedly and finally upgraded my foot wardrobe. I am really happy with the deals I got at a secondhand store. (They are the best!)

And, well, that takes us to yesterday, when I wrote this post but didn't POST it.


Ready for a day of relaxing.

But anyway, I am sorry to everyone since I haven't been able to get on any blogs and comment. I'll try to catch up soon....

Until then, rest well. I plan to.

Last night I was up half the night surrounded by rumbling thunder and flashing lightning....

The music is going off now.

G-night! ;)



  1. Yay you're back!! (I missed you xD) And WOW what a week. I think the roller coasters sound especially cool (yee-ha for a thrill ride, eh?!) ;D

    1. Sigh... I know!!! I am very glad be back myself. Awww... thanks!
      Yeah, they are awesome!

  2. Sounds amazingly fun and beautiful pictures love<3

  3. I love Silver Dollar city a *lot*! :D I'm glad you had a fantastic time! It sounds pretty much like a busy, wonderful few days!! <3

    1. It is a wonderful place!!! Full of excitement and adventure!!! :D
      It was! And you were in a lot of them! *hugs*


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