Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pics and Updates


That is how you can describe me.
But definitely happy.
*cheesy grin!!!!*
Here is my week in some pics:


My banana suit for work.... :P I give you permission to laugh.


TIZONA!!!!!! <3 <3

Me, showcasing a goofy smile. ;)

I want these. I would have bought them if one hadn't been missing... :(

In other news, I am selling my horse!!! Finally!!!! I have had her listed for quite a while. It is such a blessing to finally get her sold! Thank you, God!!!

Also, I want to thank all of you who have tagged me in the last little while... I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to do them. For some reason....I haven't been able to. ;)

Eventually, I will get back on this blog and post something real again... Eventually.

But not today.

So, ta ta till later!!!



Here's a Unicorn. Just cause.



  1. Lol! "here's a unicorn. just in case." thats awesome. xD
    Your horse {er, not your horse} is *gorgeous*!

    1. ;)
      I know.... :( I'll miss her, but she's going to a good home.

  2. Because you can never go wrong with a unicorn. ;) :D lol.
    I love your doggies. ^_^ They're so pretty!!
    and I think you wear a banana suit rather cutely. :D

    1. That's right!!! :D
      Me too!!!!! Sweetest dolls ever!
      Haha! Why, thank you. ;)

  3. Oh! LOVE the purty li'l Unicorn! Can I haz?

    I also love the wee doggie. Such a sweet puppy! What's the name, and how old?

    I understand the so busy bit. I've been feeling a bit frayed at both ends and fragile in the middle, and I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this without a visit to a bookstore. LOL. I just hate not having time to sit and just think. I always have to be so busy.

    I did snicker at the banana suit. It's just... so yellow. And that's all I shall say about that!

    1. I can lend her to you for a time... But I'm not sure about having... ;)

      Her name is Tizona and she is almsot nine months. She is beautiful!!!!

      Haha! Yeah, that's about it.

      Yeah.... lol. Good idea. ;)

  4. THE DOGS ARE PRECIOUS. And oh man. I second Noni's statement... that horse. <3 Holy cow. My heart melted. Whatta beauty. I love horses. Also, the unicorn bit made me smile:)

  5. What job do you have that you get to wear a cool, bright yellow suit?! I'll trade you jobs! Yours looks so much cooler!

    1. Ah.... I don't think you want to trade. My job is physically exhausting. Trudging up and down gullies and monster hills with about 30 pounds of weight strapped to my back, spraying pesticide onto every little tree my Daddy cuts down.
      Yeah, I seriously doubt you want to trade.
      LOL. Ok. It's not that bad. Actually, I enjoy it, mostly because I get to listen to music, it is very peaceful, and good for me. I have some massive arm and leg muscle right now. But it isn't what your average person would call fun. LOL! I'm just wierd. But you are welcome to come join me!!!! ;)


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