Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Round of Laughs!

It's time for a picture day!!!!
I was digging through a stack of old pictures and found a few that just made me bawl with laughter. I thought I would share them with you guys. ;)


This is Thadden and I when we were {probably} 3 and 4. Clearly, we were in trouble. What for, ahem, I have no recollection. ;)

This is how most of our family portraits end up. ;)

Itty-bitty me. Can anyone guess why I like this pic so much or why it made me laugh? {Hint: turn your computer upside-down...}

Funny faces!!!!

Haha...just laugh.
So pretty!

Took this pic a while back and edited it for fun!!! :D

We got more snow!!!!!!! Tizona is such a happy girl!!! :D

I finally finished this drawing. It doesn't really look a thing like her, but it is 100% freehand, so I'm sorta happy with it. :D The picture I took of it is pretty bad quality though. It is a bit darker and detailed... :(

My beautiful girls!!!!!

Silver! {Very muddy Silver...}

Tizonababe has such gorgeous smile!

So, what is the appropriate response when your siblings dress your wall ornament in underwear?
The snow meant I couldn't go to work. My Daddy got the car stuck in the driveway so he had to take the vehicle I normally drive into his work. It also meant I didn't get to go to performance in Sprgfld I was really hoping to go to!!
But, it was beautiful!
Oh! The best way to be woken up in the morning is to have your Mum, sisters, and little brother jump on you shouting. :D
I love my life so much. I am super blessed. I know exactly what I am going to do with my life. I have a WONDERFUL family, great friends, and a super CUTE business. {I mean, seriously, who has the privilege of calling their BUSINESS cute!!!!!} God loves me so much and He shows it in sooo many ways! Things, seemingly random, just happen, at the right moment, in just the right way, right when I don't expect it! In fact, I've noticed almost all of the things God does are when I don't expect them. I've started not expecting things so I can be so amazed when God acts! It's awesome!!!!! :D
Anyhow, hope you all have a great rest of the day and enjoyed those pics!! :D



    Love the edited shot in the windscreen, too. Heck, I just love all of this.

    Please excuse me while I go and stare at its glory for a while longer.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

      :D Thanks!

      LOL! You're great. Really.

      {Everyone else is going to be very confused and not understand what that meant. But I do. ;)}

  2. I loved them all!! You were/are so cute! ^_^ That first recent pic of you is gorgeous.
    and that last picture makes me laugh, every time. :D

    1. Hahahaha! xD Thanks!
      LOL...I know. Yeah, you got to see it on fb too. ;) I have the best family ever. Really. I could prove it legally. ;)

  3. YOU HAIR!!! Oh my gosh, your hair is so awesome! (Both now, and when you were 4.) All the curly haired people I meet say curly hair is wild trouble, but I'm just going to ignore them and say it's awesome. (Merida! From Brave!) By the way, you two definitely look like trouble. The maximum cuteness time.

    And the drawing! WOW. I'm surrounded by seriously talented artists. And I just sit here like, yeah, I'm talented, I can breathe...yup, life is good. XD

    1. LOL! is quite crazy, isn't it! ;) Hehe. I like it too. Actually, it is relaxed now. My real hair is so kinky-curly it almost unmanagable. But I REALLY like my hair the way it is now. :D
      Hehe...yeah....we are {ahem, were} trouble. :D

      Hahahahaha! Yes, breathe, Cait, breathe. ~_* You are so sweet. <3

  4. Oh. Wow. Katniss. :) Amazing!

    You were such a cute little kid! I always wanted curly hair... lucky thing.

    1. :D Thank you!!!

      Haha! Thanks... Definitely blessed. ;)

  5. dude! You did *amazing* on that Katniss drawing. :D I love her hair. <3
    You were/ are so cute! :D That family picture made me laugh, for sure! It's so your family!! hehe. :)

    1. LOL! Thanks. Anything I do is all from God... ;) I'm rather fond of the hair myself. I think it is the best I have ever done on a person, yet. Which = happiness!!! :D
      Haha! LOL. We are definitely an interesting family, eh? We need a recent one of us all. Poor Keaton has NEVER been in a family pic... :( But yeah, no doubt about who we are. ;)
      <3 <3

  6. AH! You should really draw more often. I love looking at other people's drawings. You did a really good job. :D

    1. I know, I really should!!! I just don't sit down and do it very often... I really want to get better though!! :D Me too!!! I like yours a ton! Thanks!


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