Sunday, February 24, 2013

To My Friends

This post is dedicated to my best friends.

Good friends aren't a rare as I used to find them...

Or, as someone very like me once said, "Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think."

I have been so blessed by God this last year. For the first time ever, I got to say I had real friends. REAL friends.
Tears come to my eyes.
I want to whisper it. I want to scream it!
{Except I hate to fist punch}
They make me laugh, smile, cry. They understand me. They love me. When I mess up, they forgive me. They love God, too. And that is the most important.
I just feel the need to brag about my friends right now.

Seriously, what is life without your important people?

Thank goodness! I know so many times when I have done {ahem, things I will not mention} with friends!!!!
This one is for Treskie!

I remember when I would pray to God every day for a real friend. Someone to talk to, to love. Someone who would WANT to spend time with me and love me. Someone who loved Him and wanted to talk about the things He was doing in their life and hear what He has done in mine. I prayed for so many years.
And then, all of a sudden, He answered.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Thank you, Grace!
Thank you, Jonnah!
Thank you, Cait!
Thank you, Rachel!
Thank you, Joanna!
Thank you, Alejandra!
Thank you, all my dear friends with no blogs!!!!!!
Wow! I am loved!
I have REAL friends.

And I believe this with all my heart!!!
For Cait. ;)

I am sarcastic to my best friends {and no one else}. It is my thing with them. So, if I have been sarcastic with you, beware. You are one of my best friends. ;}
That one was just for fun. ;)
So I am going to do another one.
And because you can never have too much fun...

And, at last, I just can't resist telling you all about the best friend of all!!! Jesus! Yep. He's my bestie. Without Him...I wouldn't even be alive. Literally! I am sooo thankful for Him and for all He has done for me and for everything He will ever do for me!!! Wow. I am sooo blessed to know my Savior and have a personal relationship with Him. He guides my every step, every day, every moment. I have no fear because He is at my side and does sooo much for me. He is the best.


Here's an acronym for you.

And now I will close, because you seriously don't want me to gush on anymore. ~_*



  1. <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!! I love you too hunny! <3 ((hugs))I love like all of those pictures! <3

  2. AWWW! Seriously, I burst out laughing at MY picture. You funny donkey. You're funky. And nice. ;) :D

    1. Haha....well.... ;) You're wierd. Oh wait, I like that. Hehe... You too. <3

  3. Replies
    1. Happiness!! :D <3 <3 I love you too....

  4. N'awww, that's really lovely! I bet your friends love this . . . or are very embarrassed by it. Probably both. Both is best *cackles*

    1. Embarrassed?! Not a chance! ;)

    2. Hahaha!!! :D Possibly...
      Awww, thanks Grace!!! :D

  5. ooooh!! :D :D This made me so freaking happy! <3 <3 :D :D I love you, Cait!
    That picture, the one that says to admit it....I was kinda like that. Only with a crazy goofy grin on my face and my left hand was actually feeling the necklace I have on. lol. ^_^ This is so sweet. <3 Thank YOU! I'm so glad to be your friend, dear. <3

    1. Eeeeeee!!! YOU make me sooooooo happy!!!! Love you too!!!
      Haha!! I know. SOOOO many times I am so like that. It makes me laugh.
      Awwww..... I can't wait to see you Friday... :D Love you! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. I have two very dear friend - one is my sister. The other is my neighbor whom, without, I don't know what I do. She is ALWAYS there for me and I feel very blessed to have her. My Best friend in the whole world. She is kind and compassionate and always willing to hold out a hand. My sister is goofy and crazy and just what I need after a long day. They are both more special than I will ever be able to say.

    I'm so glad I found your blog and YOU. I love finding friends. Its nice to have real friends. "Friends are people you don't have to talk to all the time. You can go without talking for weeks. But when you do talk, its as if you never stopped."

    God Bless!

    1. That's so awesome!!! I LOVE best friends who are sisters. I have two. ;) Aw....yeah, those are the best of people. THE best people.

      Ooooh, you are sooo sweet! I am so glad to have you following! I LOVE knew friends too! Can't wait to get to know you better! Great quote!

      YOU TOO!!! :D

  7. Awww, I love you, dear!!!! <3 Thank you for being such a splendid example of Jesus to me!! ....and by the way, we still need to get our families together! lol

    1. Love you!!!! Wow! You make my heart so happy!
      YES!!!!! I'll message you about it! :D <3 <3

  8. Awww this means sooo much to me! If you could only know how long I prayed for someone like you to come along... <3 I love you dearest! You are my kindred spirit! :D

    1. I'm bawling... You are such an answer to my own prayers too, Grace!!!! The conversations we have.... Oh, wow God has blessed me. I can hardly believe you are MY friend!!!! WOW. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Yes, and you are mine. :D :D
      <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. Whoaaa..... How did I miss this post??! :) I love Pooh, and it is kind of eerie how I said almost the exact same thing. lol. :)

    1. Haha! I know, I do that all the time, and then I'm like... "waaaaiiit a minute, where'd THAT come from!" ;)
      I KNOW!!!!!! When I saw it, I knew I HAD to post it. :D

  10. You know what...I just noticed something. You and I are really alike in this way. I prayed a long time for friends like that, too. And this past year I got them. I am soooooooo thankful God has given me friends who will help me grow in my relationship with him and will love me and want to talk with me as much as I do them. :D

    --Amanda F

  11. THIS is my favorite post. yup. :) Lettin' you know, for the giveaway dealieo. ^_^ <3


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